Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


I’m waiting also, Hoff.


And the fridge magnet?


They’re being sent together Hoffy. People should start receiving them this week. Yay!


Essendon Football Club has given fans a new way to see the Bombers in 2018, unveiling its Flexi M8 membership.

The Flexi M8 membership is the club’s most flexible offer yet, giving Essendon fans a chance to bring their mates to any home or away Bombers match in Melbourne.

The membership includes eight tickets, which can be used in any way. You can use all eight tickets at once, or go to eight separate games – the choice is yours.

One ticket can be used to upgrade to a reserved seat for our blockbuster against Collingwood on Anzac Day and also gives members the opportunity to purchase three additional guest tickets.

With the season fast approaching and an exciting squad ready to fire, there is no better way to enjoy some company than to soak in the atmosphere together and see the Bombers FLY UP.

link is:

Entry is subject to capacity and may not be guaranteed, while additional fees and charges may apply when upgrading to a reserved seat.


And the fridge magnet?


I’m in the GA membership boat with you, and while the Ticketeck MCG tickets for ANZAC day had the $7 upgrade option, I found I was in the same boat if I wanted to upgrade to a reserved seat at Etihad for round 1 with Ticketmaster; it would have cost a heap!

Decided to plan to get there extra early instead (hopefully all goes to plan).

I also found it was a very expensive upgrade if I wanted to reserve a seat at the MCG for the Dreamtime match, given that GA doesn’t require a reserved seat upgrade at this point.

It’s tricky, because I am a keen attender but my wife and daughter are more casual attenders, so it is a difficult call to reserve an expensive seat for the less keen family members. But I will drag them to round 1 and ANZAC day and hopefully the Dreamtime match as well at least a couple more.


Good idea. Unfortunately I can’t get the game early to get seats this time. I’ll definitely try and plan to get in early and avoid more AFL bullshit rorting.


I can not confirm nor deny the fridge magnet.


Screw the fridge magnet, just deliver me my membership card!!


It’s being sent out in February.


A February where we win the flag that year.


Yep it’s ■■■■■■ annoying but huge props to Katie for 1 putting up with our whinging and 2. Actually trying to do something about it.


If the card doesn’t get delivered by the first game, do the club email you the barcode so you can still scan in at games?


Absolutely. For the record I wasn’t having a crack at her, just the situation


So my kid is a junior National member (has been since 1 yo), and now he gets another membership included in his Auskick package. Got emailed a pdf of the latter today - access to 4 home games. How does that work? Whether he’s already a member wasn’t queried, and doesn’t appear to have been identified. I guess he gets counted twice??


If they can do that, then why not bypass the mailing out the membership cards and just send members a file to print at home. At least include that as an option.


Given the bumper stickers situation, will the magnet be on the printed side…?




I’d be having an ecard option for next year for sure.


Ooooooo burn!!!