Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


Hat/scarf coats aboit $1. I don’t mind the scarf or bumper stickers, it’s a nice gesture. It would be good if the club could split the membership add-ons so people on WA and QLD get hat’s bit not sure it’s logistically possible for them.


…Wot if you want to put it/them elsewhere?

Anyway: just to confirm - they’re all like that?

My 3yo was looking forward to putting one on his bedside bookcase with his superheroes - but the backwards thing etc…

Think the question has context.


You can… they just look funny

Yes they are all like that…

My kid places stickers anywhere in all sorts or orientations… your 3 yr old probably won’t mind.


I generally like the scarf, on match days you can recognise who are members and it gives you a sense of pride, however this year the scarf has very little to indicate this, aside from the small tab on it. Also, the kids beanies pompom looks like it should be on the StKilda beanie.




Stick them on the outside of his bedroom window.


First world problems. Turn your air conditioner up.


Hi @dmorg1 sorry I missed this question yesterday.

I believe in recent times the club allowed members to choose from a range of items - a sports towel or a cap was last year I believe?

I understand that QLD and WA supporters may feel there is no need for a scarf, though I must admit that I am generally in my membership scarf no matter what the weather or state - I’m sure there is a photo of me donning my membership scarf at the Gold Coast game this year somewhere!

The membership team are continually trying to innovate and iterate on what comes in the membership pack - sometimes they get a win, sometimes they may not quite meet the preference of our members. I am sure they are taking on all the feedback this year and will look to ensure future membership packs meet the high expectations of all of us.


So I sent an email to the membership department on Monday. Asking about some potential upgrades, expansion of my rolled over membership.

I’ve heard nada back. Not very good.


They’re ■■■■■■. As I said earlier, I’ve been on hold for over 15 minutes on 3 separate occasions and the voice recording still says “You can email but this is the best way to contact the club as it can take a few days to respond to emails”

Taken a major step backwards, back to when it was in 2010


Thanks Catherine for your reply. My wife is going to sew all the unused scarfs together, all up eight and make them into a small blanket. Some Blitz member suggested this earlier on. All the best to you.


Queensland members should get a stubby holder or cooler. In fact I’d prefer the stubby holder to the scarf for a change.


Seriously don’t understand the logic behind the reverse printed sticker.
Limits its application.
And pointless if, like my car, you have tinted glass.
And didn’t we use to have an option of scarf or cap.
I haven’t been given the chance to choose for years. The whole family gets the same things. All scarfs. Weird.


Members Pack is crap!
Scarf must have been designed by someone lacking any creativity! Boring.
Car decals difficult to see with reflection from windows.
As I keep saying, replace the Jez & Juz Show if you want to move forward!


Certainly cut a few corners in the membership pack


According to the website today we have 41085 signed up for next year. How does this compare to other years? (DJR??)


DJR don’t count no more.

But it’s good!


is the anzac day ticket included next year or would i need to buy my own ticket


Collingwood home game I believe so you’d need to purchase an additional ticket unfortunately.


The club are offering a 3 Home game Interstate m/ship, including A Day, as well as seeing the Bombers in your State.

Saw it on the front of one of our latest clips.