Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Are you trying to tell me this might not be real? Next you’ll try and tell me there is no Santa!


Bombers reach 50,000 member milestone, target 70,000 in 2018
Herald Sun
4pm east 15/12/2017

THE red and black army has spoken. Bomber fans are ready for a massive 2018.

In a sign of how high the expectations are among Essendon supporters, the club has already reached the 50,000 member milestone.

This time last year the Bombers had 46,000 members and eventually finished the season with 67,791.

Following the hot start, the club is aiming to have 70,000 members during the 2018 season.

“Our members are the lifeblood of our club, and to have 50,000 signed on before Christmas is a phenomenal achievement,” CEO Xavier Campbell said.

“There is a great sense of optimism around the club ahead of the upcoming season. We play an exciting brand of football, we have a talented list and with continued hard work over the summer, we are excited about what 2018 can bring.


Zach Merrett and Dyson Heppell had great 2017 seasons. Picture: Getty Images
“Our members continue to be the most loyal and passionate in the competition and there is no better time to be a part of the Essendon journey.”

Part of the excitement has come following a massive trade period.

The Bombers added three stars in Jake Stringer, Adam Saad and Devon Smith.

After making the finals last season, coach John Worsfold says the club is out to make an even bigger impact in 2018.

“I think everyone has got that high expectation that we’re going to be a better team next year and that’s certainly what we’re driving for,” he said.


He needed to throw them. Kids grabbing them in the background. A FCFC supporter trying to skulk off with one like a beaten cur. Bob Dylan, ffs. No imagination…


For every team that was below our tally he should have had a card so he could have a chuckle or a smirk for each one when presented.


Not as bad as that kia ad parody with bomber, myers, melksham, hibbo




That’s ok
If you can’t be tacky at Christmas I don’t when you can be
It’s the season of tackiness


How does this number compare to the other big clubs like collingwood, richmond, hawks, etc?


I think Richmond is ahead, but it has included the AFL and MCC support packages, Essendon has not yet.


Richmond site says they are sitting over 66K, that is huge. They will end up close to 90K. So why do some clubs include AFL/MCC support packages and some not?I am assuming the number at the end of the season for year membership tallies that the AFL release are off the same baseline.


I’m always rather interested in a cost per membership figure, rather than a whole membership number figure personally…


Where can that be seen?


Yep, lots of clubs give away free memberships and promos. Ideally we would have more members at the top end of our membership and less with the useless 3 game type memberships


3 game memberships are good for young kids who aren’t up for attending 11 games (or who have other regular activities).


3 game memberships are also an excellent gateway drug.

Give 'em out for Christmas… wait and see if the addiction sets in.


Yep, the real figures for GWS and the Suns would be interesting.



The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide was giving away free Port memberships aswell


I wonder how many got on board that promo? Probably enough to eliminate 1 tarp.


As far as I’m aware it’s not something that clubs publish, though if the AFL ever publish membership revenue publicly you can start to see things. West Coast would be right up there on membership $ I imagine, for instance…