Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Level 3 wouldn’t make any noise if I wasn’t there.


I spoke to someone in November last year and they told me that the cut off to renew (before they release seats) was around 22 December so they said to call back on 8 January after the break and they will have done a consolidation of the free seats. I was pretty keen for Level 2 (way better viewing) and was pretty dedicated to the cause, I set a reminder in my phone and called at 9am today. Give it a go tomorrow morning, you might have some luck!


Scarf is crap, not only is it a dud design and horrible feeling material, but it’s ■■■■■■ pink and red! Why not the same colour red and similar design as last year which was the best since 2011?


Maybe a weird question, but here goes. In previous years the membership stickers were for the outside of the car window. This year they are for the inside. I have tinted windows on my car. If I stick my membership sticker on the inside of my back window, will it rip the tint off when I remove it?
…Or did I get a dodgy set of stickers?:roll_eyes:


53,217 … sales have slowed a little since xmas. Hopefully, reach 60K before the season kicks off. Then, with a good run get another 10K on board before the membership cut off point.


I believe the change was from feedback a few years back on external stickers fading and going orange so its definitely not a dodgy set.


Sounds like they should have sent one internal fixing sticker,… and one external.

As well as 3 different designed scarfs … :thinking:


I’ve scanned mine and am getting in reprinted for the outside


Should have known better,…come onto Blitz first…stupid stickers cannot be seen on tinted window, Just stuck a small one on the inside, cannot be seen, think we deserve big noticeable stickers to show we have survived ed four years of crap and agony. Thought I was losing one of my three remaining marbles, as it stuck on my arm instead of the window.


So you’re the annoying ■■■■


I posted about this after my mship arrived at the end of last year. Even if the stickers don’t destroy the tint (I think they will) you cant really see them through the tint anyway. Got a new car this year so no stickers for the first time in years. I also used to stick some on my bike - can’t do that now either. I was hoping I could pick up some ‘normal’ stickers at the Bomber Shop when I am next in Melb… but doesn’t seem like there are any.


A convoluted but effective solution, would be to get some clear contact, or very wide clear tape, and stick the stickers to it, with a good 20 -30mm overlap, then stick them on the outside of the windows.


I’ve proudly sported my membership stickers throughout the difficult years - and copped heaps for it. It’s very disappointing not to be able to use them now that we’ve, hopefully, come out the other side.


I’ll have some spares if anyone wants one


I feel like the membership packs are getting worse every year.

This year I received the worst membership scarf to date (that has been debated to death on here)

No fixture whatsoever (not even a flimsy bit of paper like previous years)

And the stickers are absolutely useless as you can only place them on the inside of your car window (which works great on tinted windows! /s).

The only saving grace is the lanyard which is made out of a nice material.

3/10 in all honesty.



My understanding is the fixture is being sent out with the Bomber Mag as it was last year.

Not that I received one myself…


Mmm, … No bomber mag here either. But then I only bought 5 M/ships … :roll_eyes:


Sounds like we both need to visit the Pitchfork Emporium!

(or just call the club)

They haven’t been sent out this year yet, in case anyone is worried they are missing theirs now.


:crossed_fingers: For this year then.


Does anyone else have an ‘Essendon scarf drawer’ at home?