Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Lol yeap I’ve been trying to give the lanyard away for years, i don’t like using it.

Finally this year the Mrs said it looked nice enough for her to take, at least she is getting some use out of it, so I know it must be a major improvement.


Lol. One of my daughters has already claimed my scarf stash when I fall off the perch.


Scarves go off to the Salvos (Kept the mini footy and gym towel for Members Choice years)


We made a blanket. Now it is too big to fit in the car.


I haven’t received anything at all, as yet, hopefully it’s not to far away.


I’ve started giving mine away to try to ring in some football ambivalent friends. Give most of the caps to my dad.


I’ve got a scarf box in the wardrobe. I always try to wear a different one each time. I still shudder when I see the “whatever it takes” one though. Gee that slogan was poor/impeccable timing.


2019 Members scarf already sourced and ready to go.


The membership packs are fkn garbage, always have been. I’m a member to support the club, that’s it


The only mini footy I have is the one TIPPA signed and gave to me :sunglasses:


Ffs. The same manufacturer managed to get the N’s in fkn Sydney & Freo the right way around.

It’s a conspiracy of Haters everywhere it seems!!




For me the main purchase is the membership - the pack is a purely bonus… not sure why some get so worked up about them.


I didn’t even open my member pack! My daughters pounced on it when it arrived & haven’t seen any of its contents aside from the stickers they were trying to stock on their toy car! Don’t give a rats about any of the stuff in my pack except the card which will come next month. I’ve never worn a lanyard & still rolling with the original design of Bombers scarf with the old plane & VFL logo I purchased at Windy Hill in 1989 when we thumped West Coast, think they only kicked one or two goals that day. My scarves have been going to other family members or donated for years.


160-18 (1.12, as I recall). It was 1989, not 1987.

I read the score on the flight back from the USA after living there for four years (yes, I had used the proto-Internet while there*, but it wasn’t really Live Coverage status then). We got home, dropped our bags, and went to Victoria Park to see Dunstall kick 11 goals.

Well, that was Dad’s interest: I watched K&L (or whatever it was) on the scoreboard as we beat Richmond 99-66.

(Have not checked stats.)

*I was living on campus at Cornell University when the Morris Worm was written and released. Can’t claim any credit for that, had to wait many years after that till a reputable media source such as the Herald-Sun would describe me as an 31337 h4x0r.


Vic Market.


Was a very wet day if I recall correctly. West Coast were an absolute rabble.


The stuff in Bali is probably of better quality than the rubbish at the Vic markets lol


I agree, for what they give me, I’d rather not have one and the money go back to the club.

Having said that, I’d be for the club having a section on the membership website where you can select your add-ons. I know we’ve done this in the past, but we can do better. Storm have one where you can add non-member stuff to come with your pack (i.e. guernseys, shirts, hats etc).

We could do that, then hopefully there’d be fewer complaints because people can have what they want in their pack, and be more satisfied when they get theirs.


Interestingly, the WHOLE font is upside down. Awesome Twilight Zone stuff.

edit: except for the s’s. LOL, that’s the bit that’s wrong. Sorta.