Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318



So they are sending M/ship cards out in February?? :thinking:


I’m assuming it’s prior to the 29th, so can someone ring the club just to make sure?


Awesome, thanks very much. Much appreciated.


Has anyone ever seen the outtakes from Spinal Tap. (I’m sure Nifty Nev has)
It’s a classic in itself & I can’t believe they left some of the scenes on the cutting room floor that could have been included in the original “rockumentry”

Anyway - there’s a scene in the outtakes edition of the movie where the band does a record store signing session
The record company banned the release of their latest album “Smell The Glove” due to the LP cover art, so the band decided to release the album with a plain black glossy cover instead
Hardly any fans turn up to the signing but those that do leave feeling a bit underwhelmed with their signed albums cos they can’t actually see the autographs on the cover !!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just wanted to let the footy club know I put my 2018 EFC membership stickers on my wife’s Forester & my Ranger and neither are visible from the exterior thru the window tinting

I know how those “Tap” fans felt …


The outtakes go for about as long as the movie itself. It’s almost a bonus film



The official Essendon Football Club 2018 Season Guide is the red and black footy almanac and is a must read for all Bomber fans.

The new season guide is set to land in member mailboxes throughout the month of February, perfect timing on the eve of the most eagerly anticipated season in recent years.

If you haven’t signed up yet in 2018, this week is your last chance to secure a Season Guide.

Featuring all the important information you need to know, the handbook includes a round-by-round preview of the Bombers’ blockbuster fixture, club statistics, key dates and events, as well as full player profiles, introducing our new recruits from the national draft and trade period.

There is so much to look forward to this year, both on and off the field, as the Bombers look to fly up the ladder in season 2018.

Members with game day access will receive their member card with the Season Guide.


I know what this feels like. My Essendon jumper is signed by Coleman and Reynolds but they both signed outside the sash.


Had a quick look in the 2017 thread and we aren’t approximately 4K ahead of last year.


Hi all,
I am thinking of buying the $125 digital membership package, but I want to know if I can screen mirror (or air play) the games and content from my iPhone/iPad to my TV. Or even watch it from my Apple TV.

Anyone know if this is possible cause I know you cant do that from Foxtel GO on the iPad?


well how many ahead are we then?


I am a complete know-nothing when it comes to these things. However, I have not been able to get the AFL app on my ipad to airplay to my TV.

I do hope by offering this information someone might come in and tell us how to do it.


Does anyone know when our memberships are going to be delivered


The membership team said they’d begin to send them out early-mid February. So I’m hoping we get them soon.


Sorry if this has been asked and answered but does anyone know when and how members can purchase ANZAC Day tickets?




They go on sale early March. It’s all on the AFL website, and the EFC website.

Scroll down for dates below link for dates.


Thanks for that. I presume you go on the Ticketek site at the bell and hope like hell to land tickets! Excited.


That’s correct


Our political “masters” are putting in a good word for the Bombers in NZ.

10h10 hours ago

Thank you Prime Minister @jacindaardern for your warm welcome to New Zealand. I’m looking forward to getting my feet under the desk, working with Australia’s closest partner and converting the High Commission staff to support AFL Club @EssendonFC

With the membership drive going on in NZ, hopefully the Membership people at EFC have a sheep membership category, because all the people in that country are Rugby mad , resent underarm bowlers and hate Aussie rules.