Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


My 2 year old is very excited to be receiving her first EFC Membership card this month. She likely won’t use it but will wear it everywhere, all year long!


Just contacted Member Services and they advised that Cards will commence being sent out NEXT WEEK (week commencing 19 Feb) and you should get them within 1 to 3 weeks!!!
Apparently the Club has been inundated with people freaking out that they haven’t received their cards.
Not surprised! With so many on membership rollover payment arrangements you’d think they could commence sending out renewals late December or certainly no later than early January…but what would I know! :thinking:


Personally, I’m not in any hurry, there’s over a month until the first game and they emailed/SMSd the barcodes so I could access JLT series if I wanted to. I can understand some being anxious though, especially those like my dad who aren’t watching their emails/text messages with much intent although 3 weeks from next week is getting a little tight with round one.


Maybe people could just read the information the club send them.


I really like how total membership years are now on my card
Whereas a few years back it was total consecutive years only & I missed a year of membership whilst travelling (yeah yeah naughty me)


Stealing things from her little sister already.


Given how much profits/revenue are being generated from pokies, no wonder AFL clubs are struggling to wean themselves off them.


Just got the membership renewal call from Hurls. He said the wrist is fine.




Not as high as I’d hoped given our numbers leading into Christmas.


Will get a boost after our smashing of Richmond this weekend.


Essendon is cranking up their membership effort with #DonsMembershipDrive


So what do the loyal supporters get who signed up months ago?



PS #teamraz



Haven’t been to this thread in a couple of weeks, literally just started reading this and the phone rings. Guess who?

I’d already renewed last year - they were chasing my Dad who I signed up last year. Offering 10% off if he renews today.


■■■■■■ hell, why do I bother rolling my membership over year after year. There really is no benefit in being a loyal, regular, paid up member is there? its just easy money while all the Johnny come lately’s and flip floppers are thrown incentives and enticements galore.


That’s what I’m saying. Next year I’ll wait


There’s a chance those who are happy with their reserved seats will lose them if they don’t renew early.
Mid December iirc.


Yeah, the membership i refer to is a lower level one. Not sure if that discount is across all levels.