Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Raz, joe, Tippa, Saad, McKenna, Stringer

We’re fun to watch as well.


They should take away the members scarf next year. Imagine the listening and caring opportunities that would come from it.


Sounds just like the Victorian Government. Been taking lessons off the Premier.


79,318 members - it’s an EFC record


How canny to leave it just short of 80k, … leaving a tantalising target to market on next year… :smirk:



Each and every one, eh?


If we could get our members passes before the start of round 1 next year that would be great thanks Lindsay


Ok. So maybe not you…but still


Why does that big flag have navy blue stripes?


Choppsuey is still waiting


Apparently Hawthorn & West Coast are 80,000 EXACTLY today. You wouldn’t believe it, they signed up that exact number on the last day members are counted… I wouldn’t be surprised if we have the 3rd biggest membership in the comp behind Tiges & Crows


from Herald Sun





I’ve got 4 of the ■■■■■■■ things now!


These are the club-reported numbers.

The AFL tally (which only counts 11+ game memberships and is used for finals distribution) will come later.

e.g. should I believe GWS are so much more advanced over its fellow povo interstaters?


Also, nice edit, Doe.


That GWS number probably includes the 15k memberships the AFL have given out to school kids in Western Sydney for nothing. Similarly the Swans in the rest of Sydney and Illawara.


North Melbourne - presumably that’s a typo and it’s a “.” and not a “,”


Ours includes a FOC component also - all of them do. 1000 off being second is a huge effort considering the start to the year. Well done to all of us!