Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Surely now its time to switch to the G. How the hell we gonna fit everyone in?


Well we found a way with room to spare.


I’ve said for a while now that I feel the Etihad MCG home game split is out of proportion and probably holding us back a little IMO. I think tailoring a package to suit the GA population is very difficult given the capacity at Etihad. When we have a big crowd at matches, there’s usuallly a large amount of GA or walk ups. There were lots of people still outside Etihad on Friday night well after the ball was bounced.


That’s why he gets paid the big bucks


I took the slimy ones comment as both a threat and a promise.


Split should surely be 7-4 MCG/Etihad.

Any type of success is going to propel the club towards 100k members.

Its the home of footy. Its where grand finals are won. It’s where a club our size should be housed.

Etihads surface has repeatedly been mentioned as harder on the players making recovery slightly tougher.

We should be getting massive 50-60k crowds against interstate teams rather than poultry 30-35k ones at the Dome.

We are a club that belong at the MCG. Sadly club will just think about dollars and remain playing most home games at the Dome.

Take us back to the MCG where all the big clubs play.


If ever a supporter needed evidence that EFC management is more interested in making money than minting GF wins, it’s my 100% guarantee that they will sign up for another 25 yrs at dorklands.


Unpopular opinion: Etihad has a better atmosphere. The MCG feels too big and sparse for me. I was in the cheap seats at the Mugpies game and it felt pretty lifeless all round


In all honesty, which games that are currently played at Etihad would draw a decent crowd at the G and have any atmosphere at all?


100% Richmond don’t win 19 in a row at the G if it wasnt their home ground. People have locked them in for the premiership all year for the MCG factor.

The size and importance of the MCG should be why a giant like Essendon bases themselves there. Unfortunately there isn’t much the club has done right since the turn of the millennium but since emerging from the garbage of the saga I feel like we’re on the right track.

Club hopefully isnt short sighted in any decision to extend our Etihad agreement due to our financial position from the saga. I do wonder whether the contract is invalid now that the AFL owns the stadium.



People love the G because of games like today and anzac day and Carlton. Do people really want to play Brisbane and St Kilda at the G?

Id love an extra game or two at the G. But play the minnows at Eitihad.


We are under the thumb of the AFL and we do as we are told.


It is never going to occur but I would have no problem playing all Melbourne sides + Sydney at the MCG and all interstate sides at Docklands. That would roughly be a 7 + 4 split.


If today was our home game against Hawthorn, history suggests it would be 50/50 to be played at Docklands in front of 45k. This would have been farcical.


Essendon modus operandi: “Yeah mate, but think just how good we’ll be next year when we get a good run at it”

Rinse repeat year after year,


The club can stick Docklands up there fkn a–.

Beat up on interstate sides and semi fill up a small fkn stadium and think they’ve made it.

Fk Etihad Stadium and Fk the board that moved us there.


You’re on a roll tonight. Don’t blame you and understand the frustration.


A bath usually calms me from angry to depressed about our club. I may just have one…


Was that another Peter Jackson special?


You need something. They aren’t worth the grief.