Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


You’d think they would have deleted the “How do you rate the finishing performance of the team?” question from the member survey this year.


a solid essington/10


Especially given our season is not yet over.


Just received an email from the club saying there will be a reserved seat price freeze for 2019.

They did seem to take on board the criticism they received on the membership department.


and those dot points below are hyperlinked to website story

Essendon Football Club is set to put a freeze on reserved seat membership prices in a further commitment to its most passionate members.

The club has successfully negotiated new stadium deals that will benefit members as we pass on the cost savings to provide a further reward for our incredibly loyal fans.

The club is devoted to listen to its fan base and ensure a positive experience for all members, so we have made a number of improvements.

This price freeze is our fourth membership improvement ahead of the 2019 season, following on from:

Members will receive their renewal invoice in the mail in October.

Stay tuned to hear of further improvements soon on .


*our improvement in delivery times,for members to receive their cards before round 12


I always get mine on time.
They must just know that some of you are carnts.


Then how does that explain how you get yours on time😛


Fair point.


Should be a 75% discount until they win a final.


C7 reporting that The AFAIL want us to play Norf on Good Friday. Apparently, we can help with the poor attendance at the recent games.


Let’s build ourselves another blockbuster.



they’ll give us this



They’ll use it as an excuse to take Anzac Day away - or make it the GF replay, or some ■■■■. Never trust those arsehats.


We don’t perform well in the Blockbuster games.



So, are they are going to hammer our captain to a cross.


Didn’t we bid to play Carlton on Easter Thursday instead? I’d rather that fixture tbh.


Nah we should play Carlton late in the season when all hope is lost for them and they are tanking for Pick 1.


When will the pissant teams realise that’s it’s not the day that makes a blockbuster. It requires actual supporters to attend


Seriously will contemplate dropping the AFL Full membership for a normal EFC one in 2019. Could not get a GF ticket today. What’s the point of the annual outlay when you can’t get a ticket. Not happy