Membership 2019


Looking forward to the pin.
It’s the only thing I hang on to.
Scarfs I turf out within a few years.


Received an email from the club with tracking info for my membership… so I check its location status only for Fastway couriers to inform me: “Your parcel is currently in transit between our ‘Tamworth’ and ‘Geelong’ depots.”



just checked mine and…



So you’re getting yours today. Showoff.

But…I really wont be surprised to see mine land on my doorstep today either!

I once had a parcel delivered by Aus Post which went from Sydney, to Brisbane to PERTH then to Melbourne! lolz


Mine is arriving today as well. Very exciting!


Aust Post are a shambles.


Well, well well… lol!

My membership package has just arrived! It was located somewhere within the confines of my letter box, not in the back nor the middle, but more towards the front.

Must say the stitched on emblem on the scarf looks superb.


I’m so excited that my pack will be turning up soon. A scarf is a must have over the Christmas period


Could be in Tassie.


@darli I said… taught us

get it…? tortoise





My pack arrived today, I was so happy to receive it and my postie handed it to me in person (most of the time it’s the small pleasures in life that make us happy).

My hubby had a stroke last week :disappointed_relieved:, so receiving my pack today was something nice to happen and the stupid things you think when your mind is in turmoil. The young woman in the opposite bed in the stroke unit had a young man (partner/brother) sitting next to her. He had a Don the Sash polo on. I thought that’s good my hubby has good company.


Sorry to hear about your hubby miss ellie. Hope he’s back on his feet soon


Sorry to hear @miss_ellie . Hope things improve for round 1.


Best of luck, miss ellie.


Damn that sucks. Hopefully a quick recovery and lots of good training reports to add a little sunshine.


Card looks ■■■■, but stickers back to normal.

Scarf is a good length, but the red is ■■■■ and the side that says don the sash also looks ■■■■.

This is compounded by the club logo being that side meaning the good looking scarf side you want to be visible has the sponsor logo. A cynic would say it was planned that way.

Also can’t believe you bozos voted for a clearly inferior scarf.


I have no real issues with the pack this year.

Pin - Looks the same as last year which is fine as I liked the circular pin from the rectangular one previously.
Scarf - Better than last years. Has the club emblem on the front rather than the club sponsor. The emblem is embedded into the scarf very well. The Member19 portion looks a little poor. Overall it looks great.
Keyring - I loved last years one which was the shape of the emblem. I’m sure people would have complained that it cuts holes in their pant pockets. Will keep using that one. The new one is okay though. I’ve found the coloured keyrings tend to lose it’s shine quicker, last year’s one was ■■■■■■ perfect.
Stickers - never use them. Don’t really care for them. I do like the ‘Mighty Bombers’ sticker though. I think the Don the Sash thing has run it’s course.
Lanyard - I never use it. Usually throw it away. But the clip on this year’s one is pretty damn good quality. Biggest problem though is the material part around the neck is twisted on mine. So it won’t sit flat around your neck.

Fridge magnet - I’m assuming that comes along later?

It’s probably the best member pack for a while now. Definitely better than last years.


That’s terrible to hear. Hopefully it’s the lower end of the scale and recovery is swift.


Only if you are a soft ■■■■.