Membership 2019


You didn’t havre to humiliate yourself mate, we’re friends, you could have just asked.
I’ll send you some thermals tomorrow.


I’d buy a car based on less information than some are giving our membership packs.


Wishing you and your husband well and a good recovery.


No complaints from Fletch. (May or may not have told him Tippa sent it to him)


Best wishes to your partner Miss Ellie, here’s hoping he has a good recovery.
Take care.


Got my membership pack today, card arrived weeks ago. What a quantum leap we’ve made from the 2018 card debacle! It happened in 2009 also IIRC. We learn slowly sometimes but it seems we have learned. Kids are very excited about getting their packs and cards in time for Christmas.


I have 8 kids/nephews/nieces (nrl fans) in Canberra I have converted to efc fans by buying them membership packages. Just in time hopefully for a return to the top!


Which pack is that, @Fozdog ? Have been looking at signing my little one up again.


It was the Sketa Fleet Membership. Joined him as a Baby Bomber and the club just progresses him through to the appropriate packages as he gets older.


Received my membership pack and card yesterday.

13 year member now, that went quick!


Mine just turned up too. Credit to the club for making the changes this year to be so organised.

My only gripe is there’s soooo much plastic. We’ve got 4 memberships and every single item is individually wrapped.


The ‘good people’ at Coles and Woolworths recycle soft plastics like bags etc if you look hard enough for the container (as an aside they need their own royal commission…)

I hope your Husband has a speedy recovery Miss Ellie.



Do they? Thought that was debunked by war on waste doco and it ends up in landfill.


I’m not sure who at the club thinks being passive-aggressive dicks about it is the way to get people to sign up.


Been the mo for a while.

Surely time to find a new approach.


My little one’s broken the fork already.


If that is the case they are putting in a whole lot of effort to lie…


Remember how I signed my missus up? Her being a 1 year member, already has her pack. Me being a 13 year member? Nup. And yes, I got them both posted to the same address. Ffs


you’ve been a member for 13 years, they know you’ll sign up again.

its the recent ones you need to worry about cancelling.