Membership 2019


For giving deadlines?

Well the other side of the coin is my family are struggling to get 4 decent seats together, but after the deadlines more seats will become available as people don’t renew.

Has to be a cutoff point, and some people won’t be able to buy memberships and will be turned away while in-limbo members take their SAT.


Nah, I mean the video at the bottom of this.

I mean, it’s a step up from the captain throwing dogshit at supporters, but still.


Yeah, ive already signed up though so i dont mind…

Im still trying to work out what i think of the new creative/marketing agency (I assume) they are using this time around.

Seems all the vids have been a bit quirky, from the Amart ad to the one you pointed out. Not your usual footy ads, which i like, but not sure how the majority of the supporter base will react.

It feels like the club has a bit of swagger, and it’s quite fresh, and im interested to see more.


Yeah but people change their type of mship and # of seats. Im moving up to silver and added 3 seats, others will do the opposite. People need to start thinking about it.


It’s disgraceful.

I thought at first the ‘no excuses’ was for the club, which would have been digging a nice big hole but at least echoed the thoughts of most.

But this… is cringeworthy


Only just seen this Miss Ellie, so sorry to hear this, sincerely hope your other half is doing OK, is he a Bombers supporter?
Best wishes to you both xx


Thanks @Bomber_Matriach, he has improved a tad, not much but a tad is better than nothing. He has 6 to 10 weeks of rehab in hospital. Does not have any movement or feeling down his left side.

Yep he is a Bomber supporter :slightly_smiling_face:.


Wish him all the best from Blitz Miss E eh?

I know there’s been significant advancement in stroke treatment over the past decade, with a new understanding of brain plasticity etc, … so hoping he reaps the benefits of that & gets better soon. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS, I will tell him.


Best wishes to you and your partner.

There is some terrific stuff happening around ABI (Brain Injury) Books written by Norman Doidge on Brain Plasticity and Brain Healing. Check it out its worth the read. Happy to speak with you about it as I was a guinea pig for early experimental work on this sort of rehab in Australia in the late eighties and early nineties.


Thanks @mdso, will check out the books. Am not so worried while he is in hospital rehab, am more concerned for when he comes home, but will cross that bridge when I/we come to it.

Will PM you when that time comes, if I/we are having any issues. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes please do. PM me when you are ready and I’ll give you my private email etc.

Make sure prior to your partner coming home from hospital you check out Homecare through your local Council and/or Centrelink so, you can have everything in place when your partner comes home. This is support for you and helps you in terms of household chores, shopping etc. In other words get onto their books. Hospital Social Worker and/or your Doctor can probably steer you in the right direction. Rehab goes on after hospital, life may be different but it can still be good.

I have a carer and she says she needs to have respite so she can have quality caring time with me. (So service doesn’t become servitude) Taking respite time to replenish, renew and do the special things she likes to do for herself. I think its something like 63 respite days a year.


It’s especially bad given record membership and the way the supporter base stuck by the club through the saga years. Just dumbfounding.


Just got email to say my member pack has landed in Singapore, I already got the membership card last week.

Big improvement from last year!


It most certainly is



I received my membership card in October, followed by the member pack this week. Appreciated their use of a tracking service and subsequent emails informing me of its location. Membership have really upped their game compared with previous seasons.

And all the very best with your hubby’s rehab, @miss_ellie


Mine turned up here in Perth during the week. Liking the scarf. Thumbs up to the team involved this year.


I’m surprised at some of the negative comments regarding the pack.
I pay my membership so I can go to the games, so I can proudly say I’m a member.
The scarves, badges etc are nice but they are just fluff.
As long as they are red and black…I’m happy.
And I have a been member since 1972 and it isn’t the packs that keep bringing me back.


My pack must have been on the same flight into Singapore. It was delivered to our place on Saturday morning by Ninjavan. Just waiting for the kid’s packs now.


The problem is that it is the same ■■■■ every year!

Scarf, stickers, lanyard & keyring/badge

Yes the scarf is better than last year, but as a family of 4 we must have a enough scarves collected over the years to sew a quilt

How about a black t-shirt and they can have a “blackout game”?