Membership 2019


I loved the gym towel option.


Still reckon it should be a voucher for $X to the bombershop

Which is the value of the member’s scarf, or you can put it towards a polo/jacket/ whatever


Lolz they would never do that.

A voucher for 75 cents doesn’t help anyone :grin:


I still have it & wear it proudly my “I barrack for Essendon” on front and on the back “and anyone playing Carlton” t shirt
I think it was about 2003 Members but was an option to buy from the club not part of the membership pack

Maybe they could do a “Fark Carlton” version


For those of us who didn’t get drafted this will be our best bet to see inside the hanger.

Tour Essendon headquarters

Essendon Football Club invites you to tour its magnificent high performance centre The Hangar.

Tours around the state-of-the-art facility include the indoor training hall, player auditorium, swimming pool, recovery baths, gymnasium and heritage displays.

Tours can also be combined with lunch in the Bomber Cafe.

Tours run from 10.30am until 12 noon on some non-training days.

Tours can also be arranged at other times for groups of 10 or more.

Bookings are essential.

Forthcoming Tours
Wednesday, November 29, 9.30am-11am
Thursday, December 20, 10.30am-12noon

*Tours for the New Year TBC.

General Club Tours
Adults: $20.00
Members/Seniors: $16.00
Children 8-15yrs: $10.00

School Tours
For school group tours please contact Bernard Shepheard at [email protected]
$10 per student


Only saw the latest video just now…me no like

That netflix thing with the fixture was superbly done, but they might’ve got a bit ahead of themselves here


I’d say that some people are easily offended… but some people would probably find that offensive.


I’m offended you would say this!


… dammit.


Just got my membership pack and the pet membership pack - very happy with the quality this year.

Club really did take the feedback on board!


Cheeses, … that is ridiculous pricing for the tours.

I know we may still have some debt, … but why do we always seem to be milking a bit more out of supporters? We just got the hugessest sponsorship in history, more M/ships sold than ever over the past 3 years and climbing to a possible 90k in '19, afterall.

Flight Plan, Opt out, … etc etc, now this. What do we think we have out there, the MC fkn G??

The “G” tours are actually cheaper than it.

I would have thought they may even run a few tours a day over School holidays for Punters for free, … and give a little something back to the “Fabulous solid Supporters” who have truly been just that over the past 5 years.

Bit irked by it at first impression.

They’re nice facilities now, but it’s not like there’s a hell of a lot to see.


Part of the reason I reluctantly decided to not renew my membership this year. I get the same old crap every year, and being an interstate member I don’t get any other benefits.

I’d like to re-instate my membership again one day, but with 4 kids every $ counts and I had to weigh it all up, at the end of the day another scarf wasn’t doing it for me.


Oh, … coool… what sort of pet did they send out?


Pretty good value.


Well who else is going to give money to the club?


K- mart?


Just added a VFLW add-on. I was going to buy one or two of those 2 game $25 memberships, but thought, better check the fixture. Turns out we only play one away game at Marvel next year. So as I’m also a MCC member will wait until I know if I’m going with a friend to purchase that one.


The tour for schools/ sports clubs is pretty educational. Went with my brothers footy club a couple years ago. They went through some drills and training and nutrition info for the boys and coach.


What do you get in the pet membership pack?


Well a pet, duh.

Probably a mutated mosquito.