Membership 2019


Those excuses tho


I hate people, but I still signed up.

People are the worst.




Yep you’re right… but this pin may just be the tipping point :joy:


I added on through the MCC membership last night. 7 Etihad games in GA with the MCG games.


Yes, I did that as well. Great values in my book.


49,764 … well in advance of last seasons record breaking numbers.
Start the year well and 90K is within reach?


50,000 members


The retail value. I’m not completely naive.


2019 starts with a bang. No doubt thanks to automatic renewals we have hit 50,000 already.


Good step forward. we need to catch up to the Tigers. theyre at around 73,000 at this point. Collingwood still being cagey with their membership numbers. they do that every year. they still have their final 2018 tally posted on their membership site. Dawks havent posted theirs yet either which might be a bad sign for them.


Family Day coming up on Saturday so hopefully they get a lot of people along and a few hundred to sign up on the day.


I’m only a member because they don’t turn off the automatic payments at year end. Members should be required to opt in to monthly direct debits every year. Its as frustrating as the 30% off electricity companies pretend you earn for paying on time. (I’d still sign up, but haven’t had the time to turn off the monthly repayments. I’d prefer to sign up properly every year so I can consider my level of membership.)


Well ring the club and sort it out ya lazy trunt.


I’ve had a major issue with this too over the years. It should be opt in, not out, and it should be permanent.

I like to control the timing of the payment. So every year I have to ring the club to cancel the annual auto payment before it happens.


Here I was thinking that it was opt in.

I don’t remember opting out.


It certainly was originally opt in. You had to choose to make it automatically renewable. I’m surprised if that has changed.


My major issue is being reminded every few months that I’m contributing to failure. I can handle this during the winter months, but not in the off season when football is the furthest thing from my mind. Is there a way they can just take the entire payment out in one go at the start of the season and be done with it?



I didn’t realise you were that young DJR???:roll_eyes::joy: