Membership 2019


I just look old?


Pretty sure if you become a new member you automatically get put on direct debit membership rollover each year.

All clubs do it, it’s why they crow about having 50/60/70k members by December because people just get money taken out before they actually decide if they want to join again.


Opt out is everywhere…

Get a sunscription to anything, there in the small print is the clause that lets them take your money every year. People are so slack at keeping track of their finances once they get that fortnightly syphon into your bank, you don’t miss it, long after you stop using the good or service they were selling you and or you never really get a bill to compare with other providers. For example because I got an actual bill for the Wife’s car insurance, I was able to compare and get a cheaper price with a better agreed value. Sure it was only $50, but $50 is a free carton of beer…

Everyone should do a good audit of their finances every so often and opt out of the Gym, Magazine and Gold Coast Suns Memberships they no longer need.

Pay in full, up front and opt out of automatic billing.


Oh and those one game memberships would be punching up the tally too…


Ironically I missed one season of membership over ten years ago when they had the Advantage membership plan
I was overseas early in the year & had to get my credit card replaced as I had my card details skimmed in bar Lamu Kenya (coolest place but primitive)
The club was trying to debit my original card all year without me being aware & I therefore lost that seasons membership & my 21 years consecutive membership
I think the membership dept looks like they’re lifting their game this year tho


Surely that last bit is a myth. I heard Kevin Sheedy is the only paying member for Gold Coast.


No, my best mate is a member…


52,214 MEMBERS


My son is a member :disappointed:


About 2 weeks before xmas… sneaky chance for 60K?


Got my membership material today. 10 days after signing on via the MCC portal. Can’t complain…although some surely would.


Should have been 9 days :rofl:


Surely they could do it in 8???


Blame the MCC. Chinless bedwetters, the lot of them. Except me. I have more than enough chins for the rest of them, and haven’t wet the bed in…ohhh, 3 days or more.


yeah, hence it being a subscription…


When I was a boy you subscribed for 12 months, then they sent you this thing called a bill. If you paid the bill the subscription rolled on for another 12 months, if not it expired.

Now it seems that clever people have removed the bill and the if you don’t pay that’s it and made it so once you sign on they are a cancer on your bank account…

There are plenty of things like gyms that survive via sucking coin out of bank accounts of people who are too lazy or stupid to stop the direct debit…




You beat me, I signed through the MCC 2 1/2 weeks ago. Hope mine comes soon. there you go, I complained, well nearly.


Arrived on Friday so that was very prompt.

I’m quite proud that after a study into the eating habits at the MCG that we were found to consume the most spirits and in particular CC. I’d like to think my habits contributed to that figure :rofl:

And BTW the filth consumed the most lollies which is no surprise when you look at their teeth


Ordered some merchandise Tuesday…arrived today.