Membership 2019


Not 2019, but the club just put a fun video on Facebook with a breakdown of 2018 membership numbers, attendances and the like.

Hot chips get a mention.



Nearly 2000 people went to every game? Including the six interstate? Impressive.

Do you know them all, @Koala?


That was awesome.
Well done to whoever put that together.


I remember when a ‘quirk’ in a season for us was not winning a final.

Now it is the norm.


Welcome to the new age.


Think it was Justin Rodski’s presentation at the AGM/Members Forum the other night.


According to FOX membership numbers today (of top 5 clubs ) are:

Richmond 76445
WCE 60384
Hawthorn 60295
Collingwood 56834
EFC 52214

Smallest club: GCS 6783





Thanks for posting, was really good.

‘To our 3 members with the surname Carlton, we feel sorry for you’ :grinning:


Cards arrived today


EFC site now saying 54,940


I got mine before Christmas. No seat allocation of course though.


Got the pack a couple of weeks ago but card yesterday. Seat allocation was same as this year as requested


So going by ladder positions at the end of 2018 H&A, membership goes like this, top of ladder has highest membership, 2nd has 2nd highest, 3rd has 3rd, 4th has 4th, then 11th finisher has 5th highest membership. Well done Dons members.


Got all mine before Xmas, seat allocation was the same because I didn’t request a change.


Reckon I contributed about 80k of the Shiel vid views.


Wife gets a text today saying to sign up by this Friday to get a free calendar, if they had checked their records they would see we have already signed up before Christmas


Bit annoyed that after the club last year activated for 2 games for free an old membership I bought for my son’s ex girlfriend (she was current when I paid for it the year before), they have charged me for a mighty bomber membership for her this year without my permission. I have added my son’s new girlfriend, but didn’t intend to activate the other. I don’t know if they have somehow confused who is who, because the new girlfriend doesn’t appear as a member on the membership website, but the old one does, and I did receive packs for both.

I don’t think I can quite be bothered cancelling it and getting my $25 back, but they are being a little sneaky in pushing our membership numbers up with some free memberships and now reactivating some without permission. This is on top of automatically turning over memberships on payment plans, taking advantage of those who too slack/disorganised to cancel them.

If I didn’t love the club, I would be a lot more annoyed.