Membership 2019


You should be more annoyed because you love the club. This administration is very fond of wheedling every dollar they can from members. It’s not something we should accept and won’t change unless we let them know it’s not acceptable.


I thought once you started a membership you consented to being charged for that membership until you stopped it. Which may be difficult since the membership is in the Ex’s name but your credit card is attached to it.

There is probably a small line of text somewhere bringing this to your attention. With on line bank statements, it is easy for people to lose track of what they are paying for. In my humble opinion all subscriptions should require an opt in every 12 months to bring the subscription (or pay by month bill) to your attention and allow you to stop it if no longer used. What would complicate matters on this occasion might be that the Ex has said yes thank you, I’m not paying for it. I would email the club with the circumstances and let them know you do not give authorisation for any further charges for that member on your account. Just incase she decides high mark membership is more her style.


You need to tell them to rectify their error.

It happened to me as well, similar thing and I had already written to them and rang them to tell them before I received both memberships. Slack!!!


I hate the auto-renew feature of anything. Disappointed that our club pushes it so hard.


It’s $25. Suck it up, and make sure you cancel it next year.


Cannot agree with this, it is easy to look at your bank accounts every day to check what is happening, the excuse that I did not know is pretty poor with internet access these days.


my membership never auto-renews


Ah yes, the Essendon Calendar. September is completely missing.


Our club pushes so hard? What? and the other clubs way ahead of us so far didn’t have auto-renewal? Give me a break!


The other clubs so far ahead of us are because of success.
Forget all the other BS, the best way to boost memberships is win some farken finals


is that even possible?


I think we should try and win some finals, now.


Seeing Richmond and the Dogs win a flag gives me some hope that we can atleast win a final


It used to be June.


same. i think i opted out of that bizzo.



Won’t lie - got a few chills during that. And I don’t think I’m coming down with the flu so it must be from excitement for this coming year!


■■■■■■ A!!!


Love it! Can’t wait til footy is really back.


Loved the reference to Fletcher in that.