Membership 2019


Yeah, hanging out for it. Just about bursting. I’m gonna farkin go spastic Rnd 1.


Yes. They are. I called the club out last year when a few dozen people on twitter started thanking the club for freebie memberships, co-incidentally applied just before the cut-off date.

Then aprominent board member/blitzer absolutely denied it happening.

So I guess a lot of people are lying.

And people on here are still happy to call out Hawthorn for counting dog memberships and Carlton for counting Carlton supporter memberships.


The club certainly gives out GloBall and Auskick memberships each year, if that is what you are referring to?


The lapsed members who got freebies mid way through last year.
There seemed to be dozens of them on twitter, so must have been hundreds all up. A couple were/are blitzers.


Ah. The club may have offered a one time ‘win back’ campaign last year to lapsed members. Not sure whether it will happen this year. I’m not entirely across the operational/campaign side of membership though, and sometimes I find out about things after you guys do…


Did. Not “may have”.
Riiiight before the “count the memberships” cut-off date.
So colour me cynical.

I daresay some dept or manager had a metric based around that.


My wife went to the tennis on Tuesday and Wednesday at RLA. Ticket in the shade for just 1 daytime session cost more than my whole EFC season ticket. Crikey.


Four ground passes were over $200 and all we could go to was doubles and juniors. AFL is good value for money. Mind you we don’t pay the players 63mil for a fortnight’s work.


Hey Katie, if I threaten to not re sign next year, do you think the club will spring for a free High Mark membership for moi? I’d also like to keep my reserved seat please.


Hey come on, you know they have just spent millions revamping the place.

No wonder Victoria’s road are rubbish between the AFL and TA the roads haven’t got a show.


HA! You wish buddy!


Best part for me was 01:12 seeing a much slimmer and fitter Francis running on the boundary. He should be awesome in 2019+


Your threat has to be believable mate. Anyone here could see right through that one.


58,250 members as of 9am today. Wonder how the numbers compare to last year? Feels likes take up has slowed a little after xmas?


We were around 58K in early-Feb 2018. On a par with/marginally ahead of last year’s numbers. Am expecting this to pick up and reckon we should push for 85K+ members this year.


a good start to the season will bring in the members





Just got around to processing the membership invoice. Thinking about running a sweep on dates that’ll receive my membership card/s…


Big thanks to the membership department for helping us out with a dog lead. We got another dog, and wanted him to have the same lead as his new brothers have, but they were part of the 2018 pet member pack and are no longer available. Darli asked if they could do anything to help young Max out, and they just contacted us to say they have gotten us one and asking our permission to post it to our home address.



Significant landmark… 60,054 and counting