Membership 2019


Indeed. MCC do this.


Used the membership to get a $10 ticket to Thursday’s match. Nice little discount there. :slight_smile: (normal ticket were about $40).

I got my card back in December, disappointing for those who haven’t yet received it.

A bit different when it was offered free last year, and then auto-renewed for a cost. A bit poor from the club.

A digital membership would be fantastic.

They do? Since when? Do we have an app I should be using???


I was replying to MaxPower’s post above mine saying " issue a one time card that is recharged each year when you pay your membership."

So no, not an MCC app (but it can’t be too far away).


Is pet membership free? We just got a rescue hound and he doesn’t follow anyone - me included.




Max opening his membership package


Cheers JuzzyB - will get the hound a membership!


I got my membership package just before Christmas - no membership card.

Then, in early February I’m thinking “Hmmmm…no membership card yet”. Next day I’m clearing up a few papers from the ‘pile’ on the kitchen bench and BANG. Membership card has been sitting there since early December.

My point. Are you sure you haven’t overlooked the membership card letter, thinking that it may have been club advertising or notice of AGM etc?


Geez Reboot that dog is not very smart…I’ve been watching the video for 15 minutes and he still hasn’t managed to open the package.


Mine definitely hasn’t been delivered. Membership package arrived before Christmas but no sign of the card yet


Well he wants to open it at the same time as your dog opens theirs, but so far you’ve been too tight to spring for one, so that’s slowing the whole process down.


Is the kid a Fantasia?


It’s what I did.


They can also send you a PDF of your card, which be used for buying tickets AND for entry.


Yes i can vouch for this. They did it quick and easy for me when i wanted to lend my seats to a mate last year.


Current membership number - 63,377, an increase of 3,323 from Feb 5 which equates to 221 members a day (over 15 business days). Keep this rate up and there will be a minimum of 3,757 (that number could spike after the 2 JLT games) by the eve of the season for a total of 67,134 members. Not sure how that compares to last season but to reach the desired 80K the EFC will need another 12,866… seems a lot although they’ll have another 3/4 months to achieve the goal I guess. By comparison Tigers have 86,632 and Collingwood 67,240 members currently. Hawthorn’s number is not listed on their website. C’mon Bomber faithful, get a move on


Sat next to a bloke last night who had this 30 year member patch on his scarf. He said it arrived in the mail this past week. I think the patch is a great idea and a nice way to recognise members. Hawthorn have done it for years on their member items and it acts as a way for the club to recognise those members as well as the member to proudly display their years of membership. A quick look at our website says that the patches are for milestone years in every 5 years of consecutive membership. I’d love to display one of my own but no patch received as yet, I hit 27 years of consecutive membership this year. Am I likely to receive a 25 year patch or will I have to wait for the 30 years edition?


I clocked up 25 years this year and got my patch this week. I think (guessing) the patches are a more recent thing.


Yeah I gathered that they’re a recent thing, I’d suggest this is the first year as the membership twitter account is also posting pics that people are tagging them in. A quick look back through the membership tweets, there’s no other year they’ve retweeted those, only member cards and packs etc. it’s a great idea IMO & I’d like to be part of it.


What, are Collingwood publishing there running total this year??

[email protected] club was too embarrassed to post there running total last year because of there drop off.

Bandwagoners must be back in full swing again after the grand final.

Fickle, ■■■■ of a club.