Membership 2019


Lol. That too.


Well here’s a test - do the sizes always change to smaller?
Because that may be a clue.


Despite Essendon’s best efforts to discourage fans they’ve managed to increase their daily membership tally of 221 (this was over a 15 day period up to and including Feb 27) to 348 in a 7 business day period. Gee, fans are a resilient lot. Will be interesting to see how fans respond to the poor showing in JLT?


We’ll cop it sweet, we’re used to it and still expect better.


They’d be losing money staffing if on weekends.


Had a question regarding game seating. I live interstate but are planning on bringing the family down to Melbourne to attend the Ess V North game on Good Friday, first game for the family all together.

Given it is a North home game I can’t use my membership to buy the tickets but I want to make sure we sit with majority Essendon supporters. Ticketmaster won’t let me buy tickets in the away team area yet so wondered if there is a location most Essendon fans sit for Dome away games?


I would suggest any section Ticketmaster allows you to buy in will either be full of Essendon supporters or empty seats.

If you really want to be specific though, anything in the Coventry end of the ground will be pretty safe, usually between Aisle’s 46 - 48 and 1 - 4.


Thanks Stallion! I will get something in that area.


So long as the sizing stays consistent, it works well.

I find sizing changes from year to year and I am scared off by buying online because of that.

eg 2016 membership Polo Large…could of fit 2 of me in it

2016 Media Polo Large… no way I would wear it in public…was like wearing a mankini top


not really membership related but couldn’t be bothered starting a new thread.

I heard X on SEN this morning with Whateley and there was something subtle that Gerard said that had me concerned.
He suggested something along the lines of Bomber supporters “throwing their arms around the bombers”. It sounded like we’re being “groomed” to having supporter song like how Power have ruined Never Tear us Apart.

Am I being too paranoid?


I believe the actual plan is to have a 51,000-strong flash mob on ANZAC Day. Would be a new world record.




Ooooh I wouldn’t mind “won’t back down” as our song.



I don’t think we are ever going to see a fridge magnet again…



With the David Myers interview today on SEN it was the same, repeating that phrase.

And we may never win finals agaaaaaain…




“We’re with ya Hirdy”

Or something along those lines from the flash mob at Fed Square, what proceeded afterwards was nearly the death of the Essendon Football Club.




I’ve got a general membership/ticketing question for anybody with any advice. I haven’t been to as many games in the last few years since i’ve moved a bit further away.

I’m looking to take my 4 year old son to our round 2 game vs St Kilda. I’ve got an Adult Flexi 7 game membership for Marvel Stadium as an add on to my MCC membership. I’ve read on the Ticketmaster website that children under 6 do not require a ticket as long as they don’t occupy a seat. So my understanding is that I can just scan my ticket at the game and walk into the game with my son without issue unless the game is deemed a sell out, is this correct?

Secondly to this does anybody believe that this game will be a sell out given that its our first Melbourne game for the year? It just doesn’t seem worth it to purchase a seat upgrade as the cheapest option available to me is going to cost around $50-$60.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.