Membership 2019


So…you’ll use this blanket over your lap…to prevent frostbite…of …what?


I’ve been looking at that too. The only problem is the away seats are the same at the G. Level 4. Not sure about home seats though.

I’m a bronze member but love my seats are etihad and home seats at the G, so I don’t really want to upgrade.


The away seat option is one of the biggest barriers to expanding our away game presence. The l4 seats are crapola and no ‘home’ club is prepared to give away some of their current home seat allocation. It’s a no win situation for us.


Level 2 Olympic stand for home games 10/10… not sure about away games.


isn’t away access just gen admin?


Can be, but there is an allocation for reserved seats at away games. You pay more than just GA access.


I’m an MCC member, and I’ve got a Marvel home games only membership. Not sure if they advertise it, but might be worth asking.


Living 300km away makes it pretty awkward to try to get to every game.


Purchased our memberships last Friday and was shocked when they told me I’d receive the card in the mail in the next few weeks. I was expecting it the week before round one.

Good work to the club on addressing the card issue from last year.


What’s the difference between High Mark and Silver? Worth it?


Ditto. For me it’s an excellent deal. And when I go up to restricted it’ll be even better.


My brother and I have memberships. On the latest buy our merch email it had my CC details linked to buy the goods on his email when we have separate accounts (separate logins and membership numbers). He pays for his membership and I pay mine separately.

That can’t be right can it?

I’ll be calling the club tomorrow to clarify but that seems to be quite a mix up.


@Catherine_Lio - what does the club hope to hit for 2019 membership?


Still waiting on mine…Def can’t wait they look good.


The m/ship cards look good, … or the guys on the m/ship cards look good, … or the guys on the cards “look” good?

Coz it seems opinion is irrevocably divided here on the m’ship cards look, and on the players ability to look . and how good they look whilst evoking the practice of looking. :no_mouth:


What’s the size of the text for seat and row info these days?

It ■■■■■■■ me no end how small the writing was - with all that space left blank.


If you have away seats there’s no blank space. I would guess it’s quite hard to specify different font sizes for different situations


Upgraded my Bronze to a Silver this week and was allocated Row A seats on center wing at Marvel and center wing Row O at the MCG. Pretty damn happy with this seating upgrade! The process was hassle free and I’m happy to have a guaranteed GF Ticket if we make it.


Ummm, so the eDM we received today is for the 2019 membership merch, but we have to pay for it? Does this mean we get no scarf/hat/free item this year and we have to pay any extras to our card?!? WTF


You get a scarf. There’s always been optional member only apparel you can purchase.