Membership 2019


2124 so far. When’s the auto rollover date?


Maybe some of the staff are dyslexic???


Well done everyone, team effort. I talk in advertising lingo - apologies.


When is this due to be posted? I got my card with no merch - normally we get to opt in of a scarf OR hat? Or pashmina (because that totally kicked off…)


They sent out a renewal for the old man, despite them being informed he’d dropped off the perch in July.


Haven’t you seen Ghost.

He likely showed up and told them to ■■■■ off and he’ll be staying a member thanks.

condolences btw.


Ta. He strolled past 90 years (unfortunately not totally continuous, skipped a year renovating the house). Couldn’t crack the ton. Average performance.

Fortnight short of 97 when the ticker gave out.


Mmmmm… Good genes in the family. Guess you could be curmudgeoning on blitz for a long time.


Shut up!


Card arrived today, wowzers


I’m sure this has been mentioned, but if I’ve already got my card for next year - I’ve also had zero time to change any elements of my membership had I wanted to alter anything. If I did want to change something, I’d then have to have a replacement card with the new details of my membership, etc.

It seems a fair over-compensation, doesn’t it? For the lack of efficiency last year, it seems there will be a lot of double handling this year, or else those who were considering upgrading/changing etc., might just say, oh well, fk it. So the apparent over efficiency is another version of inefficiency. The approached remains a bit concerning.




With the excitement of Dylan Shiel playing for us next year, I am keen to upgrade my bronze membership to either silver or high mark. In your opinion, is level 2 seating at Etihad worth it?


In a nutshell - Fark yeah!


I agree with Boot and I would suggest doing it early as the Bomber train is is going to fill up quickly.


When is the roll over date?
2x HM members and haven’t received any notifications yet


Not sure of the actual date but we’ve already received our HM invoice including membership cards so I’d maybe chase it up.


That ■■■■■■ man bun!


Email or snail mail?
Overseas currently so might be something in the mailbox when we get home


I got mine by snail mail. Got to call them and upgrade.