Membership 2019


Snail. Or should I say racing snail this year. Over compensating for last year.


I best be getting on to them then. I was hoping for my same seats if possible


29th October (from memory).



And you will be allocated the same seats unless you request a change.


Yep, we really like our seats at the Dome and the G. Had them for years now, and we have encouraged any nasties to move away and they have.


Our renewal says we have til 7th Dec 2018 to secure our seats( keep our seats?)
Would love to get away reserved seats. Is this possible?
Haven’t asked the club yet.


Not possible. Away is GA


Is there any reason why we don’t have reserved away seats? When I first joined, I had a fancy away reserved seat but now I’m up in the hallows (level 4).


Because those seats are the home teams reserved seats


Level 2 - you honestly won’t look back!

I had a silver membership and upgraded to high mark last year so now my home seats are on level 2. It’s up there with decision of the year.


Just an FYI, I couldn’t see it posted here - apologies if it has but I just rang to change my level 2 seat to be on the other end of where I was sitting. He made a general comment that anyone that changes their away seat won’t be able to get it back. Apparently the AFL will be taking them in preference for clubs selling Away Access memberships.


You can get away reserved seats. My brothers, mum, uncle and cousins have them (I don’t only because I stand). They’re in different locations though (G is on level 4)


Don’t know if it affects us or not but have a work colleague who is a Norf member ( yes there is more than 3 of them ) and he received a club email a couple of weeks ago that said for Norf replacement games at Marvel the AFL has promised their members level 2 seating


Yep, I’ve got away reserved seats at the G and Marvel but if I were to change my away seats (which you can’t do now, apparently) then I would lose my away seats for good.


With Shiel on board any chance for membership firsts like, record broken for people signed up before Xmas or they surpass the 80K total of this year? Think yes, with 90K to sign up


Yep. Expect enough bandwagonners to jump on for a realistic shot at 100K myself.


Just got a phone call from the club to say I’m entitled to a guaranteed GF ticket because I’ve been a member so long.

I won’t need it because I’m an MCC member, so just take note that:
I’m open to bribery
I appreciate people not wanting to set me on fire, and I mean you, @theDJR
I like people to appreciate the sheer brilliance of my puns and of my film reviews

There are quite a few who know they’re not much chance and will need Judd-style brown paper bags aplenty.


The telegram from the Queen a few years back, and now this.


How many years have you racked up?


But neither even approaches the honour of meeting you, Signor Doe.