Membership 2020

Disagree. If the price is too reasonable then everyone will want it. And there’s not enough tickets to be able to supply everyone.

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they could just limit the amount of guarantees they sell. its still sh(thouse towards members.


Go and put the $95 into one of the clubs pokie venues, more chance of winning the jackpot than playing in a GF


just got off the phone

membership just told me that if I take the guarantee off my payment plan
the guarantee goes up to $150 if I want to pay it separately

I still removed it


Holy crap - $150 for the GF guarantee. There may be people better off going up to silver at that point.

im better off keeping that $150 for a real bill


Put the $150 on Essendon to not make the GF and you’ll get $1.50 back. Still more worth it than buying a guarantee ticket

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That’s true about silver but if we lost JD, I wonder how many don’t renew at all? The very thought of losing a Daniher doesn’t sit well with some of the membership. I know several long term members (40-50 year types) hold that view.

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Yes, it’s our fault he wants Buddy money.

I would rather bet $150 on ess making the gf and clean up on whatever ridiculous odds they are. Buy a scalped ticket and have change to party.


If Joey goes they can change the slogan from “Call To Arms” to “Up In Arms”

Why can’t I buy them yet? I want to buy my son one while he’s showing big interest in footy for the first time.

Wait? I SWEAR I paid around 100 for my GF guarantee last season

Anyone else?

Nah, $55.

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I’m one of those. I’m probably going to downgrade from a reserved seat to general admin membership. It’s not just JD, but it’s a contributing factor. I don’t like how the club could have let this happen.


I paid $70 last year

One might say because their focus has not been mindfully in the footy department or human resources.

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Looking on the webiste it seems like the classic home game membership is gone. Were we the only ones still getting these? I can’t get to all games but the 8 option seems a little low- up to 11 and it’s superior to the old one, except, importantly, that it doesn’t guarantee home Anzac Days.
The GF guarantee link was not working but going up to $150 would be a big concern for clappers like me. Woudn’t mind a discount for a family option too, rather than a few free passes to non-football events.

I renewed my membership this morning. Ended up keeping the same membership for myself and my two kids (skeeta fleet) but upgraded my wifes one. She is a bulldogs supporter who doesn’t go to games so she was confused why i even got her one

Hopefully the team can get some good value out of 2020.

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