Thats opinion not fact. A lot of people get these confused. I respect your opinion

Well this is a relief.

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For the 2024 season, our Reserve Seat Memberships will increase by an average of 9 per cent and our General Admission and Non-Access Memberships will increase by an average of 8 per cent.

Full email from club here:
Today, the Club launched the membership renewal process for the 2024 AFL Season.

Member support is critical to our success. A strong membership base allows us to invest heavily into our football programs, creating a high-performance environment to put us in the best possible position to build success.

We value your financial support, and we thank you.

You will recall that we were able to implement a membership price freeze for the 2023 AFL season. Due to the rising costs associated with running our football club and after careful analysis and consideration, it is apparent that we are unable to again hold membership prices static. Accordingly, we are writing to advise you of our decision to increase our membership pricing packages for the 2024 AFL season.

A strong membership base allows us to remain financially stable and to retain our independence as a football club.

Your membership support will ensure we can continue to invest comparatively with other AFL clubs in our players and coaches, our facilities and support networks, so as to strive to bring you the best football product and member experience in the league.

For the 2024 season, our Reserve Seat Memberships will increase by an average of 9 per cent and our General Admission and Non-Access Memberships will increase by an average of 8 per cent.

In addition to the member benefits you have enjoyed this year, we are pleased to advise that our new member benefits for 2024 will now include:
Marvel Stadium Upgrade

  • Improved membership amenities at Marvel Stadium following the completion of the redevelopment including:
    • Redesigned and refurbished level 2 concourse, increasing the ease of access to seating areas and function rooms.
    • New food and beverage outlets - restaurant and bars all the way through to traditional footy fare.
    • New merchandise superstore with easier access and greater range.
    • New fan engagement zones at entry gates.

Members Seat Return Program

  • Our members seat return program will be rolled out across all home matches in 2024.
  • Reserved seat members can return their seat if they can’t attend. Members who return their seat will receive a credit to use towards their 2025 membership.
  • Essendon General Admission members have first opportunity to upgrade to these seats.

First Class Digital Product

  • Increased behind-the-scenes access for members only.
  • Exclusive interviews and insights with our players and coaches.
  • Exclusive first-access to new merchandise range.
  • Member-first news and content.

Fan Experiences

  • Snap & Sign Open Training Sessions.
  • Exclusive member only 2024 Pre-Season Football Event to be held in December, 2023.

The club also offers payment plans to spread the cost of membership across the season.

The 2024 AFL Season Membership renewal process will begin in the coming days with supporters receiving a personalised email explaining any relevant changes and what it means for them.

Go Bombers.

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Can the club guarantee the players will give 9% extra effort to justify the 9% rise?


our % increases by 9%


■■■■ that

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As a non-Milestone member, another 9% for a seat, card and stickers! Just fabulous.



I’m not sure what stings more.
The ‘Member Thank You Round’ where we got smashed by Collingwood to the tune of 70 points.
Or the fact I’ll now have to pay a total of $200 more for my two memberships.

Funny ways to thank members.


Sorry to burst your dreams but milestone package the most dissapointed ive felt since it was announced Milli Vanilli were miming.


At least it’s not just a packet of stickers.

But the concourse will be a bit brighter and breezier!


Our membership offerings have been a joke for years. Why do other clubs get a scarf etc every year regardless of milestone and we get sweet ■■■■ all

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I don’t want a scarf

I just want to watch a team with some spine


I just want a new list manager , is it too much to ask


Didn’t we only just have the members survey?
How can they roll out the membership platform so quickly, or do they not take the survey into account?


You think they ever listen/read what we write?



and we’ll make sure lots of our games are “sold out” so you can pay for a seat on top of your 8% increase.

What does a milestone year get you?

the old adage

“treat em mean, keep em keen”?