They wont say it but in reality we are now paying for large salary pay outs of previous failed administrations. Which was required as an action but members will pay the incompetence sadly.


A badge to sew on one of your 45 scarves

I genuinely think that is a huge leap to make. Surely the rise in membership costs could be attributed to a multitude of other factors including inflation and rising wages.

We also still have pokie machines that rake in millions and according to previous profit margins a healthy portfolio.


Salary cap mooted to rise 5%. Wages growing ~5%. Assume their energy cost to run facilities and social club etc up >5%.

Aldo, membership is declining. They ‘gave away’ about 6,000 memberships in August to manage the membership milestone of a record year (not confirmed, just my intuition). Therefore, likely membership revenue possibly declined.

As I’ve said elsewhere, the core business health isn’t terrific and we don’t have a sustainable non core business.

All said, explains the strong increase in price imo.

Lastly, winning games also helps grow the core business :smile:


Some of the ticketing cost would be set by AFL / Ticketmaster / Ticketek, so they are going to have to pass that on to us members.
It’ll be interesting if the ‘debts’ or ‘payouts’ are listed in the financial report somewhere. I don’t think they can just push those debts to other years.

No doubt there are several factors but that would be a huge part as we are talking well over $1M in pay outs. Its been a running theme

Yeah I want a scarf to go along with the other 20 Essendon scarves in my wardrobe.


Ummm…what? Who are you working for? Are they putting staff on?

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Stitch them together into a rug already!


I stupidly culled the scarf collection to my favourite sans tassles. Last game of the year I dropped it somewhere on the way home. I demand a milestone scarf!

it’s almost like the feedback is irrelevant….

Exactly. They just have no idea how to manage optics.

As @CJohns pointed out, it’s likely we’re footing the bill for that ridiculous contract to Campbell among other things.

Football is a strange business.

Imagine any other product that continually dissapoints consumer after promised fixes for years on end which deliver more of the same.

And then feeling entitled to charge people more for it.

Its like we think we are Qantas


That’s a shocker.

My declutering will begin with EFC paraphernalia this spring.

No, they seem to have given away ‘free’ memberships to lapsed members about two weeks before the membership cut off last month. Membership went from 80,000 to a record 86,000+.

Cynical me says it was doing what’s necessary to achieve a record again. I’d say beneath the hood membership isn’t so strong, in reality around 80,000 which is -15% to last year and about -5% compared to way back in 2019!

Meanwhile Carlton (95,000 and will hit 100K next year), Collingwood (106,000) and Richmond (101,000) leave us a long way behind where we should be.

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memberships will jump to 100k once this team starts playing good footy. I’d imagine there’s plenty of fans out there who have understandably jumped off over the past 10 years


I think the jump will be massive. The goal I think is 125k members by 2026. We don’t reach that without some form of success on field behind it.
But it’ll be soured somewhat when we win a finals.

Looking at Carlton’s training sessions the past fortnight, we cannot house that sized crowd at Windy Hill let alone Tullamarine.
A lot of fans are going to miss out on seeing their players train before a final.

It’s one thing to see that memberships will increase, it’s another to prepare for it.

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Good problem to have for mine and not one that should even be worked through or thought about anytime soon as a priority. Bottom of the backlog.

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Windy Hill can only hold 10k? Maybe. And the surrounding streets are not capable to deal with that many cars.
Tullamarine can only handle 5k? And there’s definitely not enough carapaces for that.
Changes to Tullamarine aren’t so easy to do because it’s on Crown land and needs a lot of approvals before doing the smallest modification.

If you thought members are ‘irate’ now at how ‘disengaging’ the club are to it’s members, it’ll be worse later on when that happens (which I admit will be a few years away at best).

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