I don’t agree. That’s not a good enough reason to ensure our content is industry leading, engaging, creative and more targeted. If we take your rationale literally, let’s just close the social media channels completely for fear of them getting abused.

1% for every season without any form of ‘success’.

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Averages out to $10 a game now, so we need to make finals to give me some value back :sweat_smile:


So, i dont use social media much, can someone give some detail/examples of what other clubs are doing so well that we arent?


Playing good footy.


For the record, is not new.

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I look at what’s going to make most of the fans happiest. Winnings games or having good social media. Literally 1% of people would give a ■■■■ how good our social media is v 99% who want on field success.

And I couldn’t care less if GCS have the second best social media engagement.


Great successful clubs do both.

We’re not successful.

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That’s true :joy:

I don’t think anyone really knows the secret to running a positive, engaging social media presence that attracts new supporters when the team has been pants for 20 years, when we have no mates in the media to help out (Robinson doesn’t count, he drives people away more than anything) and when the side is getting its face kicked in by 21 goals in must-win games.


In my opinion fan engagement and Social Media stuff will improve when we improve on the field.

Great clubs do both well because they can. The fan bases are happy because stuff is going well on the weekends. Any post is going to generate lots of likes and people will come out to training days for example because things are going well.

Our club has so many disenfranchised fans right now that even if you click onto a FB or Instagram post after a loss, the hatred and anger is immense. If the club is doing TikTok videos many people would complain that they ‘should be working on how to handball to each other’ etc. When things get better on the field, the content and engagement will improve because the risk of abuse is lessened.

It doesn’t take much to turn it around either, Carlton is the perfect example of how quickly things with fans can change.


The fans just want shitposting.

GWS knows this. They’ve mastered it in the AFL space. There is no magic formula to it, either. Just start doing it.


Just two days to go before you are proved correct.

All of this. Hahahaha. We are in a very unique position to any other club at the moment.

If we had herb doing our social media it might engage people, but also not for the right reasons, as half the fun is when it’s mocking us, which the club wouldn’t allow.


On-field success is what’s needed. All else follows. Social media, and support more generally, will increase when (or if) we succeed on-field. Until we win, play finals and win finals, even the best social media team will have its work cut out for it.

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the secret to a successful social media program is running discussions on Breakfast Cereal - milk first or second

and a Reigning DJ King competition


Maybe that trend is due to the age profile of bomber supporters - less on Instagram and Tik toks - young persons game - and we have been shizen the last 20 years, maybe thats the conincidence , not just being ■■■■■■ at socials.

More Boomers on Facebook and Twitter, less on Insta and Tiktok

Also Pies and Tigers have received recent success winning finals etc

Our numbers are so far below what they should be thst doesn’t explain it. It’s related to poor engagement and crap footy performances.