It makes perfect sense to me. The whole club has been a ■■■■ show, most importantly on

A funny meme king like the gws guy

A gasp millenial

Social media ‘likes’ and/or ‘reactions’ these days are always far greater after a win when it comes to the club’s online pages.

Yet the comments section on these posts get a very thorough work out after a loss, especially a bad one. Many posts suddenly disappear as well.

We are happier to engage briefly yet positively after a win… but are happy to take greater amounts of time to voice dissatisfaction after a loss.

The link with Blitz is very evident.


Melbourne Victory are an interesting case study - their membership and ladder position aren’t great but their Social media stuff is engaging and pretty solid. We could learn how to still do good socials in a bad time, from them.

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Agree. Some clubs have great socials teams. There’s not a lot of change likely imo given our CEO is innately a ‘football person’ and before that involved in footy management and earlier an accountant. Without knowing for sure I’d say he’s likely process driven, quite methodical and mechanical in his personality makeup. I don’t think he’d be the creative type that would spend much discretionary time immersing in the social media / marketing world. He should though. But it’s probably not ‘him’ or his caper.

That’s all fine if he has a great commercial team driving the fan engagement / social teams. I’m not sure we do have this though.


3 for 3 here

Saving the future of the club

I better get a thank you some day

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Hopefully, there will be something to thank you for.

The whole auto renew set up is a ■■■■■■■ disgrace. It should be opt in, not opt out. I’ve been saying this for ages.

I call every year and stop it, then pay when I am ready.

They could also save themselves quite a bit of money and time, but investing in a better membership portal. Is it managed by the AFL? Tell them to pull the finger out too.


Keeping the club alive financially when we go through the membership demographic lull?

Its a tough job keeping kids on the ban wagon, Shielding them from embarrassing games etc, yet keeping them interested.

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Yeah, I just couldn’t do it any longer with my lad. Got to the stage where he would rather stay home with his mates than come on a interstate holiday and in the end I just let him go his own way with the proviso he didn’t start supporting a long list of clubs :rofl:


Did they auto renew your membership?

Did this to me too. Gave us free upgrades for year 2021…but then kept me on it and charged me for it.

Yep its the old switcheroo!!

now that Dodoro has been axed

Membership department contacting @Aceman


Nope, they called a few times trying to offer it up

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Still employed by the club so it’s a hard no.
The day he is off the clubs books will be the day I sign on

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Collingwood and Richmond have been good in the years that the TikTok generation started following football, while we had the worst scandal in the history of the sport and were judged to be drug cheats.

Just like our list, there’s going to be a gaping hole in supporter numbers caused by the saga.

The saga didn’t hurt our membership numbers, if anything it helped. Our sucking after it is probably what has driven people away