Triggered are we?
I know where you stand.

We win a final, I’d say a very good majority (you’re obviously not in it) will stop that stance and join back up.

No, they are counted in the totals…

They are bullshit figures anyway.

Round 22 vs gold coast. We’re 12th, suns 7th. People will be asking why the game is being played on a Saturday night primetime in front of 24k.

Suns win by 17 cementing their first top 8 finish.

@Stallion is escorted out of marvel for sparking up a dart.


Any are counted now. There is no game day access required or the old $50. It’s essentially 'who has the biggest mailing list’s.

That is exactly what it is. A mailing list.
For clubs, it’s important when trying to get better deals from sponsors.

Also, if you own a three different memberships, you’ll count as the one membership (for memory).
Personally, I have 2 memberships. One with the AFL (club support) and a reserved seat membership. So I’m counted as one.
If I buy an EFC AFLW membership, I’ll still be counted as one.
If I add the Kayo membership, I’ll still count as one.

Given I hold an AFL membership, I should get entry to AFLW games just like the last few years (as long as I purchase a free entry ticket).