Dons fans will significantly outnumber them

Would we stitch up a spot or sew up a spot? Why couldn’t we knit one?

I really dont want to miss out on us giving the gold ■■■■■ their first ever finals win and damien giving the finger to us

Lol nope. Why travel to milk some cows and watch footy, when you can do it in your own backyard.

Other isdye for Csts fans coming to this weeks game is apparently there’s works going on a significant part of the train tracks this weekend meaning many need to take a bus diversion which is apparently a turnoff for lots of their Geelong based fans. Thus, along with weather possibly being wet and they’ve won 1/7 games is pretty good reason why crowd will be down for this match.

Oh diddums they’re on a poor run of form for the first time since about 2006. If they arent turning up for that reason alone they should be permanently banned from the MCG

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Exactly what they want

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Not a big fan of this.

Subscription service for $5 a month.

Or for members. I don’t have an issue with it. Adding value to membership packages.

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Hopefully memberships don’t go up by $5p/m next year.


Nothing says value than watching players cooking and walking their dogs in their free time.


That’s what lots of people want to see.

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How long until i go full lid off and purchase the grand final guarantee while its still available…

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I’ve heard they’ve actually been inundated with members upgrading. This week apparently been very busy.

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I’ll only pay $5 per month if the content is 90% Archie Perkins walking around in a Fedora.

That’s value for money.


It’s crossed my mind this week too. But then I remember Essington…

This is what always holds me back

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id love to see some of brad scotts addresses to the players.

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Ahem…you left out naked

Looks like our numbers have dropped off this year compared to last year.
Wonder who is looking at the ladder this year and thinking “yep this year is the year that Essendon doesn’t deserve my money”.