Mental Wellbeing activities

With the talk about mental Health I thought I might share some activities that could really help support Blitzers (I know it has helped me in the last couple of weeks since starting a new job).

My employer is really big on mental health and following The Resilience Project (if you havent visited the Mental Health Thread, I put the book in there that he gave me. Its an easy read). Our workplace follows the G.E.M principal. I highly recommend reading it as Hugh and Marty are absolute legends.

What is G.E.M?
Gratitude - Pay attention to what you have now. Not what you don’t have.

Empathy and Kindness - put yourself in the shoes of others and show kindness to others.

Mindfulness - do activities that will help you be in the moment and present.

I will post one activity for each focus that I come across every week. (So 3 in total). Some might be repeated but no biggie if no one does it.just thought it might help.

Please don’t feel like you have to share your responses. I just write mine in a journal that my boss gave all workers. It would be cool to read if anyone feels a change. It doesn’t happen overnight, they do say it takes months of habitual habits like reflections to make mental improvements.

Moderators feel free to merge or purge.


Activity 1:

What is ‘Dis’? I use it now when I am at work and even just in my head I say it. Hugh Van Cuylenburg (founder of Resilience Project) went to India to volunteer at a school. He met a kid named Stanzen and english was his 3rd language. He would often point to things and say Dis. What he actually trying to say ‘This’.

3 Things he pointed to was that he felt lucky to have every day:

  • his shoes (falling apart with the ends cut off as his feet were too big) but he was happy and so lucky to have them as many kids in the area didn’t have them.
  • his lunch (mainly rice) as many kids didnt lunch including himself as they were poor.
  • Whenever Hugh say him dancing or playing cricket he would point to the floor and say ‘Dis’ as in how lucky am I to be doing something I like (in the moment).

So the activity I am posting…

What is your #Dismoment?



My most recent moment has been when Blitzers helped me get a new deck and gear. I have used it after work when I have been able to get out early enough. Yes I suck at it, but I’m in the moment.

No one had to do so but a huge shout out again to all. Especially @hambo @Koala @Darli for all the work behind the scenes you sneaky lot.



Sport and exercise are my mental well-being exercises.

Natural endorphins and socialising.

I actually get a bit down when I lose it(eg the weather conspires against it)

I still like dinners with friends and so on, but nothing beats the endorphin kick of some exercise. With others of course.

On my own I find reading a good mental break. Gets me out of my head when there’s no one around and fills it with interesting things. Books work best but surfing the internet can be good too.

I’m looking to add a dog to my life soon if I can. Need to convince my other half who I think is just a bit apprehensive about pet ownership.


When the game is over and we are all sitting on the benches in the change room. Knackered, sore, legs stiffening up already, beer in hand. Around the room a sea of smiling faces. At our age, winning on the scoreboard a bonus but not necessary. Banter begins.



Right before covid I caved and agreed to get my wife a dog, because life’s too short . She’s wanted one all her life and is very good with animals. She adores it and does absolutely everything for it.

I am sure it’s improved her mental health.

It’s been a bit tough for me though. All the extra cleaning, it’s dug up the whole yard, hard to stay up when it’s supposed to be sleeping.

Make sure she’s ready for it.

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My #Dismoment was today.

Being able to jump in the car, head to the Hangar, in great weather, watch women’s footy and see an epic Bomber win!

Why am I feeling so lucky? I grew up in an era where only boys played footy and girls played netball. Some of my school friends were desperate to play footy but weren’t allowed to. Girls growing up today - know no difference and can do whatever they want to and aspire to whatever they want.

For that opportunity - I am so lucky seeing family and friends daughters achieving their dreams.


Activity 2: Empathy

Write down something that one of your mates does well (something they are good at).

Flick em a text or message to let them know.

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Activity 3: take 5.

Spend 5 mins outside. Take note of what you see, what you smell, what you hear (using your senses).

Just be in the moment.


What did you see, smell and hear?

I empathise with most people and an always there if people need to talk or vent to me.

I feel good knowing if I can help others and bring perhaps some perspective or even a little joy and comfort makes me feel good also.

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the Action for Happiness site has monthly activity guides that have some great suggestions for daily actions. Here is the one for this month


April’s calendar


there’s a free online 10 Days of Happiness course you can sign up for, plus other handy info.

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volunteering is a really nice thing to do. I highly recommend it.

(although right now I have to do some volunteer work and all I feel like doing is enjoying the tv with an ice cream)




I missed yesterday, but just made up for it by eating something I cooked.

I’ll leave writing a letter to someone for now…

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Did some alternatives !!