Mercuri Misiti etc

Did play as a small forward on occasion in the latter part of his career, not in the 99-01 years though

I assume that is a rhetorical question. This list has no-one that matches any of them.

Nor pretty much matches anyone else of that team, let alone the 1985 team.

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After missing all of 2000 (was living in the US), I went to every game in '01 (including the interstate ones and the last one, FARK). Those 3 put the fear of god into the opposition anytime they got near the ball.

All those forwards played forward but were more than capable Midfielders.
Longy was also part of that wing, half forward and then sometimes even goal square/forward pocket.
Near impossible to judge.
Mercuri from(98-2000)was up there as one of the best players in the competition. I would have had him as our third most important player behind Hirdy and Lloydy.

He was an Incredible mark was Mark :crazy_face:
Pound for pound Mercs was best in league for his size.
I guess a comparison for the younger forum members perhaps would be Toby Greene type marking threat.


Underrated how good Blumfield was during that period. Another midfielder that could take a grab. We just had so many players, playing career best football at the same time. Topped with out and out champions.


He’s the Mesiah!

Merrett goes alright.


He had a couple of years after 1993 when he wasn’t fit, but he got it right back together after that. He was never very fast; he was exceptional in the centre because he was extremely strong and could always make space for himself to dispose of the ball to advantage. One of our prime movers in 2000.

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Misiti for courage. One day when he dashed to get between Plugger and the ball with Pugger at full tilt, I feared for his life.


Does any one else think Kelly with a shaved head reminds them of Misiti?

Not so quick-witted. Joe was not fast on his feet, but he was lightning with his hands and a brilliant kick.