Merry Christmas, Blitzers


@theDJR how much hot chips did santa bring you?


Could’of maybe should’ve but maybe not couldn’t because yeah should’a been.


Nope I keep it simple. Family, decent feed and Boxing Day cricket to look forward to.
But I understand why some people don’t like it as much.


Yeah alright, I hit reply before I read the thesaurus bit. Shocker. Everyone pile on, I deserve it for that one


Family and feed and being kind to everyone, why not every day?



Au contraire, Santa’s not an areshole.


Well the family and feed part would be very hard to do daily as most people work. But setting aside time at a future date to get together and have a feed seems ok.


Had a great day. Up at 4am to start work at 6, 12 hour shift then over to mum’s for some leftover smoked ham. Passed out on her couch about 7:30.



I hope Blitzers all had a great Xmas! Now bring on the footy!

Fark Carlton.