Message to the Players - and the Club

I wrote one of these early in the season when we were facing a challenging time and its happened once again.Perhaps this is futile - perhaps no one will read it - but its a club I've been following for 45 years and I've got to do something.


We're in the sh_t right now there's no doubt about it. We've copped a hammering from all sides this year. Through it all, the team has done some fantastic work. We've come from behind, won games we should never have won - games won on courage - real backs to the wall stuff.

No one could deny the great effort put in by all the club.


We're in a dark patch again. And we have a choice. Not just the players - all of us. We could simply give up - its all too hard, let the outside forces have their day.Or - we could do something different. We'll be written off after this, ridiculed by our opponents - told our season's over, that it was all inevitable.


Its not inevitable. And we can make a difference. Players once again will go and play their hearts out - win or lose. Supporters - we've got to band together this time. Make some noise at the game. Intimidate the opposition with just how much noise we make. And we have the numbers to do this.


If you are going to the game next weekend I ask you this once - just once - don't  just politely sit there and clap. Make some noise, shout, cheer whatever. Don't go down quietly just as we wouldn't ask the players to do the same. North are not going to know what hit them with the noise level. And the players will respond - I'm certain of it.

If you could send this to our cheer squad and get then to do something this would help…they are the worst at getting hype going at the ground

If you could send this to our cheer squad and get then to do something this would help....they are the worst at getting hype going at the ground

I've read this kind of stuff for the past 3 years since joining up as a member. I sit a few bays from the cheer squad and while their chants are monotonous they do get going a fair bit. It's more the people next to them that sit on their hands and say nothing.

I thought the cheer squad was actually a bit more vocal today

You’ll have to find a telegraph office to contact them

It’s a bit much for a couple of hundred interstate supporters to out-cheer the home crowd, even worse when they’re booing

I was referring to all supporters - not the cheer squad. I think the number of Essendon supporters who attend the games is one of the best weapons we have. Yet too often, especially in games against lower ranked teams, we sit there quietly and let the other team's supporters make the most noise. The GWS game at Etihad was a great example.


There are lots of very passionate Essendon supporters out there - this forum is a testament to that. And unfortunately some sections of the media, as well as merrily sticking the boot in to a club that could not defend itself for six months, have looked down sneeringly on the supporters.


So what I am saying is: lets use our numbers at game day this weekend - not just the cheer squad - show how passionate our supporters really are. Make noise, show them we are here and show the media we're going to support the club on and off the field!

Couldn't agree more ...

Good, bad, wins or floggings ... stick with the team ... they're struggling on field, undoubtedly struggling internally with this never ending ASADA / AFL / Media stuff ... if we don't win another game for the year that'd suck, but stick with them. Keep cheering ... keep showing our support by turning up, cheering loud and not just because Jobe gets the ball or because Fletch has it 70 out and looks like he's contemplating a shot. Cheer them all on and remind them that despite form and off field influence etc etc etc we're all still here and it ain't over!!


Bring on the Kangas and a 40k strong cheer squad!!!!