Michael Hibberd

Still AA contention? Was suprised to see AFL website had him there, but Carlisle the 'unlucky' one.

Some stats: 120 Marks @ 6.3 - 14th in AFL
                    82 Rebound 50's @4.3 - 4th in AFL

                    To go with 44 INside 50's @ 2.3



Pretty solid stats as well as mostly good disposal. He has 5 goals for the season from 6 shots too. Not a great tally but when he has shots, he makes the most of them.


Had the tough decision of what number to get on my recently purchased jumper and I got his. What sold me you ask? The name Pig. One of the best nicknames in the comp IMO.





Not surprised that he is still in AA contention....he is one of the few players whose game day level of intensity has not dropped off in recent weeks.


AA selection would be a just reward for his performances this year (but probably won't get it given that he plays for us)

Hasn't dropped off very much late in the season as opposed to many of his teammates. 

I remember reading that he worked really hard on his fitness in the offseason because it wasn't up to scratch and it is certainly paying dividends.


He is very strong in the air and his rebound and drive off half-back are integral to the team.

He is a gun, watched him closely in the 3rd term and he just busted his ■■■■ for the team. Started a play down back ran and linked up down on the forward flank.


Takes marks, makes good decisions and can run out of defence.


Bags has also had a solid year for a bloke coming off the rookie list. Two good players from Franga

The Pig is solid!

Hopefully next year he will have the engine to play back/mid just for a extra rotation!

B&F smokey?

Smokey for B&F surely. Jobe almost certain to win it, but not without a chance.


Fair crack at AA selection too. Been a stellar year from Pig.

mmmm smokey Pig

B&F smokey?

No smoke, plenny of fire.

A shoe in B&F.

No AA, plays for us!

Shuttin clams all year. One of our most important players

Had a fantastic season and in the top 6 important players at Essendon IMO.
Also has what a lot of others at Essendon lack - hardness and durability.
Hibberd is most definitely not an early season flat track bully.

Won the R22 game against Carlton for us.

The All Australian selection panel is Andrew "Essendon will not get a safe landing" Demetriou (chairman), Kevin "throw the book at them" Bartlett, Luke "black ops" Darcy, Mark "strip Essendon of points" Evans, Danny "the silent CEO" Frawley, Glen "is he from WA?" Jakovich, Mark "stand down James Hird" Ricciuto and Cameron Ling. Reckon Hibberd's got a chance with this lot? Pigs might fly.

Very solid and reliable, but is more than that and can be very damaging coming out of the backline. 

Hibbs kicking was outstanding on Saturday night. Straight, long, target-hitting kicks.  

You feel confident when he's around the ball that he'll  work it out of defence. 


Great pickup.