Michael Long - Toyota ad (you slackers, been out for hours...)

Pretty ■■■■ ad for such a great moment in football.
Would have preferred they pass and do something else.

After two or three years of the last ad, I thought they’d come up with something better.

I loved it. Inspector gadget was brilliant. Love the plane and the silvagni imitation!!

funny longy

Its crap.

grumpy booty

No, it’s just crap.
Some of those are funny, some aren’t.
This one isn’t.

either way, fark carlton

(fark carlton)

either way, ■■■■ carlton


quite enjoyed it

I must be turning into a grumpy old man, I agree with 'boot I thought it was crap.

Didn’t think it was their finest work. But the Silvagni impersonation brought a big smile to my face. Love thinking about that flog having a cry.

And listening to the Carlton supporter behind me at the 'G telling everyone who would listen that Silvagni DID touch it and everyone else just laughing at him… Priceless.

was ok, not their greatest add. Just ok

Longy is great

Not one of the best, but I still enjoyed it. The ‘touched’ crying was best bit… farkcarlton.

Was ok. Not their finest effort, but at least it’s positive stuff about Essendon.

Have to agree with Boot.

I enjoyed it.

Standing on the wing of the plane was funny. Some of you lot are hard to please.