Michael Slater Goes Full Fark Carlton


I hope

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Don’t blame him for hiding in the toilets, imagine two screaming women coming at you non-stop, that would scare anyone.

Hope 7 don’t renew him, ■■■■■■.

Didn’t one of the CA Officials once accuse him of using heroin?

Whatever the outcome of this is, he should never commentate anything ever agian.

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Safe to say he probably isn’t in the best place right now.

However I did get a chuckle out of someone questioning if he was going for his 99th flight.


He must have really wanted the window seat


Always thought he was one of the strangest cats getting around.

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He’s got a good head for radio and a great voice for silent movies.


Racist thread title. Please change.

michael slater goes baboon?


Allegedly tried to flush half his kit down the ■■■■■■■■ in Jamaica.

When I was at uni he lost his ■■■■ at few of my mates when playing a shield game at Punt Road over a few comments. This was just after he lost his test spot. He has always had a few mental demons I imagine.

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It’s still funny, just, but he seems to have some genuine issues he needs to deal with.

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What is it about the Sydney to Wagga flight that sends celebs troppo/ape/off their farkin nut?


Obviously you’ve never been to Wagga…



Sore back and ■■■■■■ that the LNP won

Merda! Michael Slater is on horse?

Not to my knowledge but I recall after some incident years ago, I think some old blazer in CA claimed he had a problem with it.