Michael Slater Goes Full Fark Carlton


Slater has admitted he had some issues back then.


It all started going downhill for Slats when Cricket Australia told him he got the wrong test number tattooed onto his body. They showed some sympathy and amended the numbers allocated to Slater and Brendan Julian - to be based on batting order. It’s the only instance in Australian test player numbers that they haven’t sorted debutants in the same test on an alphabetical basis.


Not really into cricket, but I always thought he was a decent player.


He was fun to watch on field. Sounds like fun off field as well.

I’m around the same age as M Slater and it’s interesting when members of Gen X lose it this far into the process. Plenty of us lost it in the 90’s but that was to be expected. I guess in Slater’s case he didn’t have a run of the mill experience like we did as teenagers and into our twenties with his sporting commitments so cutting loose now may not be all that unusual for people like him.


Ice capital of Australia


Unfortunately I think there are a few towns/cities vying for the title of Ice Capital of Australia.


There was one particular BBL game last summer that you just knew he was on something,his calling of the game was absolutely hysterical at times. I felt genuinely embarrassed for him.


Was many years ago, think it might have been during a tv interview that he mentioned he has bi polar disorder

Edit: found link https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/slater-tells-my-bipolar-disorder-20050314-gdkx7j.html


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Slater or Noons ?

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When mile high clubs go bad


I just wanna congratulate Slats on surviving the 20 hour flight to England with out having to lock himself in any bathrooms. Well done sir.