Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed


Bruce McAvaney:
“And Ajang Ajang goes BANG!!!


I think you’re over thinking it.

These are guys who’ve been passed over by all 18 clubs multiple times (for whatever reason).

We’re unlikely to be choosing b/w 23yo Sandilands v 18yo Dean Cox here.

If you can find someone who is somewhat passable - of any age, position, shape or size - it’s a win.


He does fit in with our wacky name brigade.


Means ‘orphans’ and is the name of a Philippines terrorist group.


Don’t be like that. Next you’ll tell me Oooorazio means something equally as sad.


Can’t wait for the Caro article.


To be fair, it probably means something completely different in Sudanese.

Edit: Or indeed, apparently, Arabic?


“Hit out king” no doubt.


A quick google search says Ajang means “thanks” in Arabic. Wacky!




If you captain Ajang Ajang in Supercoach, you will get Ajang Ajang Ajang Ajang.


Dunno where you found that, but pretty sure that’s not right.

“Ajang” describes a couple of Nubian dialects spoken in certain parts of Northern Sudan.


our VFL premiership hopes may rely on this pick.


Like i said, a quick google search. There was every chance is wasn’t correct haha.


This assessment makes me nervous about all of the others… well, the bold bit is true.


We should be chasing first access to the best possible long term prospect.


Wonder if the Hawks will tap Roughy on the shoulder and “look after him” in other ways so they can bring in a kid and get 6 months extra development into them


Let’s invite all these Ruckmen to a special training session.

Whoever can kick a goal from 30m out, directly in front gets drafted.


Heath Hocking has nominated.
A hard nut who has passion.
Could do worse.


Guarantee they will.