Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed


I’m liking the “athlletic style” ruckman. Losing Ryder has hit us harder than we first expected. With the style of our play, I really think a ruckman that can follow up as another midfielder suits us. A player that is quick, can leap and take marks whilst tackle like a rover. Getting a tap helps too.

The club thought Clarke could be that player, clearly he is not the answer. Ajang and Eastwood stand out to me, both being under 22 is also appealing.


I’m not sure they did. I mostly think they wanted him as a big body with some AFL experience who could take 50 stoppages a game against an opposing #1 ruckman if Bellcho got injured, rather than having to throw Daniher or Draper to the wolves or watch Smack give away 19 ruck infringement frees a game.

I don’t think Clarke would have played yesterday if we had literally any other tall options available.


Fark yeah! Chuck him back in the guts. Love the way he goes about his footy.




Clarke kicked two points when a little leaguer would have kicked two goals with a plastic footy; and handed them a goal through sheer incompetence when he got pickpocketed dead in front. If he is the future of our club I am fearful.
We have endured twenty years of unbridled incompetence. We are in the midst of Matthew Knights Redux.
We have drafted appallingly and now have a population of good VFL players : Francis, Laverde, Langford, maybe Parish who is likely to walk.
We continue to field players who are not premiership worthy: Myers, Baguley (until recently), Zaharakis and TBC.
Our captain laughs it up minutes after our season imploded.
Contrast Geelong and Sydney who rarely cough it up and seem to forever be competitive.
I have followed this club since biblical times and do not see anything vaguely resembling hope.
We are further from contending than we were in 2003.


Obviously, we need a ruckman for the short-term, but we would be silly not to consider the long-term prospects of any recruit as well.

Shorter athletic types, like Ajang and Eastwood would have potential in a number of key positions, but may not be the ready-to-go prospects that we need atm.

Personally, I think Strnadica may be the best fit as that physically developed Ruck/Forward with AFL exposure and at 21 still has plenty of time left.


get schloithe to replace myers.


Already have Parish to replace Myers.


he’ll be goneski seasons end.


Hopefully, you’re talking about Myers :wink:

If Parish hasn’t been allowed to play in the midfield proper and Myers is still being picked, then I think you’ll be spot on the money and Parish will be in Geelong or on the Gold Coast with his bestie.


Welcome to the EFC: Brendan Goddard


It would be typical Essington to draft a plodder ruckman who won’t be on the list in two years instead of trying to find the next Tim Kelly.


Has Landt nominated?
I’m impressed with this guy.


While the goalkicking was terrible the “pickpocket” was entirely down to a panicked handball from a teammate to a ruckman in traffic. Is WTF was the player doing handballing it to him.


And it’s come to this. I’m posting in the draft forum in early May. FFS


I think the answer is Gach


Simon Eastaugh, Darren Bartsch, Simon O’Keefe, Jon Giles, Matthew Allan, Gach Nuyon a few of the guns we’ve had associations with


Shloithe, pickett or just go full circle and get goddard back


Like many (most?) on that list, they’ve been nominated independent of their current-day opinion. It just means they nominated previously or were cut previously.


This midseason draft is a real opportunity to take a punt on someone like pickett. Never seen him and no idea what he is like but for $70 k we get the chance to have a crack. If it doesn’t work out no big loss.

Forget a plodding ruckman. Go a player that might actually be something