Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed

With Raz being so injury prone I’d be going for A.Tippa, adds another small forward option.





Please let it be so

Instant upgrade on Baguley, potentially Zaharakis too.

At 27 he could carve out a nice 4/5 years injury permitting. Not playing at the top level and playing WAFL would have saved his body, not to mention his time away from football all together.

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Pickett hasn’t played a game this year… So what’s changed since we bypassed him last year?

We suck


watching the footage why the hell wasn’t he drafted by anyone last year ?

i know it’s not the top level, but ■■■■ he looks like he could walk into any afl side and already be in the top 5 best skilled at the club.

he looked like the anti myers, he could handball through traffic with ease.

Prison time tends to scare off recruiters. Or more importantly club boards.

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is he in jail atm ? is that why the poster above said he hasn’t played a game ?


David Myers took his midfield time.

No, but wearing an ankle tracker can reduce your mobility.
Seriously he’s had a badly busted finger.
A key difference between him and Kelly is age - Kelly is three years younger- which is significant if a Club is going to take a punt at the main draft.

Hopefully Marlon has sorted stuff out, but again, I think Clubs would want to see a repeat season, which is what Kelly showed, rather than one season out of the box.
Given we drafted Mozzie Gown and Ham, who I wouldn’t swap for Pickett, it was really only delisting Dea that would have opened an extra list spot.
And forget hindsight- based on form at the end of last year Myers, Langford, Laverde & Fanta were all expected to have much better midfield seasons this year than has eventuated.

So good luck to Marlon - we’ve gotta spot for him now, and better than a break glass spud ruckman.

Tanking for the (mid season) draft!


Can we claim that Jackets meant our 2019 first round pick in the mid-season draft as part of the Shiel trade?

Coz that would be ace.


Yet another number 1 draft pick about to be added to fark Carlton’s list.


I did think it was a funny place to wears a watch. Unless he is a Yoga fanatic.

Can he play that is the question?

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We need to get the biggest dirtiest mongrel available. If that’s a ruck man then that’s a bonus.


A clone of Ronnie Andrews is what we need

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It’s the only one they’ll have this year as adelaide has their 1st rounder in the ND