Mid Season Draft


Anything less and burn the club to the ground!


Well, what can I say - this turned out to be a totally wrong post of mine.
Bad luck, sure, but looks like we will need ruck cover.


Can he actually play?


if he could ruck effectively, he would be massive for us. hes very fast and agile for a big man


Goes ok but not sure he is up to AFL standard


I’d be a bit disappointed in the predictive powers of our talent scouts if there’s someone they think is the next Tim Kelly now, but in October last year didn’t think was as good as, say, Jake Long or Matt Dea.


Your last point is why I recommend Bowman, kid has talent and can play both ruck and forward if needed for either end. Could do a lot worse.


Yeah, its depends on what our strategy behind the midseason draft is. If its to find new and permanent talent to add to the the list then I would be worried.
A ruck backup is a perfect pick for a midseason draft in my opinion unless the clubs in front of us have the same idea.


As mention elsewhere, apparently we have spoken to this guy. Read last weeks match report on above site. Was BOG.


The bolter might be 205cm ruckman Jack Blair, who started playing football last year for AFL Sydney club UNSW-Eastern Suburbs before crossing to SANFL side North Adelaide.


Big lump of a lad, 205cm - 103kg

Initially played Box Hill Hawks now in SANFL

Experienced campaigner at lower level it seems


Again, why pick a ruck? For the vfl side? We would be extremely unlucky if both Clarke and belly go down

Even then, we could play joe or smack in the ruck. Probably joe, interchanging with smack. Thats WORST case scenario and id rather that than a state league Jonathon giles plodder


Because Joe, Smack, Stewart are not ruckmen. They are fwds and fill ins ruck and are reliable unreliable at staying on the park. We need insurance in case Bell and Clarke fail to get up.


Ruckman for sure. Tim Kelly is a very rare type of case. Not since Michael Barlow has a state leaguer impacted the league so much.

And what we’re 4 games into the VFL season? We wouldn’t have learnt much since the last draft. We have a pretty awesome record at finding KP and rucks so hopefully we can identify a good ruck option for the future to develop alongside Draper.


We’re just as likely to pick a gem ruck as we are a gem midfielder. It’s a crapshoot either way.
But our ruck position is pretty risky now, so we really need the backup. As others have said, Joe, Smack and Stewart are not ruckmen. Worst case scenario Smack could fill the role for a couple of games, but definitely not either of the other 2.







He could probably buy Essendon with the amount of money he gets in the NBA


Maybe he could buy the whole AFL and shake it up. It would be nice to have the top dogs in our corner for a change.


We can then start our own league.