Mid Season Review - Will we, Won't we


We will play finals this year, and I reckon any team we're likely to play in the bottom half of the 8 will be ■■■■■■■■ themselves at the prospect. We play the kind of football that is perfect for finals, when Tippa or JoeDan puts one away at the 'G in our first final the earth will shake.


I don't think the top four teams will be pleased to play us either personally.

If we maintain our best brand of footy through the remainder of the year we will scare a few teams. Don't necessarily have to win every game but be nice to not get blown away in any.


head says less positive, but heart says Fark Carlton (-:


And that is perfectly reasonable.


According to some t.v. statistician just winning is not enough to stay in the bottom of the 8.

We need to improve our %.


I have a feeling you're commenting on my comment in another thread re: being content winning by a kick in Sydney... well - seeing we haven't won there for a gazillion years, I'll be pretty happy if we do so, even by a kick, without taking away from the importance of %, esp the way this season's shaping out


Yeah, I think there's a bit of lalala I can't hear you about maybe needing seven wins out of the remaining ten games.
Seven from nine if we screw this week up.


12 wins and a percentage of 105ish will be enough to make the 8.

Even if we lose Fri night, I believe we can still get those 6 more wins required, but it doesn't leave us a whole lot of leeway.
Let's just win Fri night !


Let's just win on Friday night so we can concentrate on making top 4


This ladder is incredible from 4th to 15th.
Block of 4 teams on 7-5
Block of 4 teams on 6-6
Block of 4 teams on 5-7


Just looking at those next five to play...five teams below us on the ladder.
11-6 and there will be no lid.
Also, no excuses.


I know this isn't your point but even 10-7 isn't bad. The Pies/StK games won't be easy.

EDIT: But depriving Sydney of points this week is as important as getting them ourselves


No, it wouldn't be bad.
At all.
It could be much worse.

But thank you for making me look further ahead.
We play ONE team currently above us in the last ten rounds: Adelaide.


And that game will be an absolute cracker.
I don't think the Port game is our top level footy this year.
We can do better, and will have to !


Yup. That pounding from Adelaide really cost us percentage.

We lose Friday night I think we slip back to 12th or so.


seems to be most people would view it as less positive.

All comes down to context though, and how we played in all these games. If we played like the richmond game in all of them, i can't imagine people would be as positive as they are.

However if we played the way we have against port and WC in all 4 and got a 2/2 result would their responses be any different ?

For me i look at it differently to most, If you can beat geelong, port and west coast playing a certain way, and you don't produce it against lesser sides, it's just as pointless as beating melb/carl and not being able to beat higher placed sides.

We've been littered with seasons of pulling off some great wins, and some abysmal losses so closer to reality this season really doesn't prove anything yet, and probably won't be able to dissect it for a few years with the added results from years to come.

For me if anything, the GWS game was the most positive game to come out of the season so far.

So for myself It's all about context and how they played.
If they played to what i believe is the right way, I'd accept losses to port/wc, as it'd just be about tweeking and improving minor aspects/perssonel.


We will.

And if still got $500 left on the table that says so.


On the contrary, yes we can score but our free flowing fast ball moving game style is not really suited to finals footy IMO, at least not beyond the first week. Finals footy is hard contested one on one footy, we have work to be done that area IMO. Particularly our inside midfield contested/clearance work. We are more damaging than anyone if we can get the ball moving in space off halfback, but good finals sides will deny you that luxury.


So having spent some time in this thread I have come away with two clear things.

If we had won more games we would be higher on the ladder.
If we had a better midfield we would win more games.


I can see an elimination final against Melbourne on the horizon.

The thought kind of petrifies me I have to say