Middle East Discussion


Yep, that’s right Boot, let’s just kill them all. No-one has the right to defend themselves from your Mates.


I think you’ll find the subject was the death penalty for Palestinians.


WTF is your problem?
Is it me?
Or are death penalties for one group, but not the other, for the same thing, ok with you?

I have no problem apart from the law being applied only to one side.


This proposed law is applied to those terrorists who kill Israelis. Sounds fair to me.

My problem with your view is that you apply it to all of Israel, not just its dikkhead PM.


I suggest you read up about https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_Shiloh_shooting

Contrast that with https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_Authority_Martyrs_Fund


I’m sure this will go well and have no repurcussions whatsoever.
It’s a step forward in the peace process.


I don’t agree with the death penalty fullstop. So I disagree with this totally, even aside the inequality of it.

However the way you lot carry on you would think that Israel is the big bad wolf and Palestinians are poor little red-riding hood, all sweet and innocent.

Maybe if your views were a little more balanced you might get a more balanced discussion about the issues.


Right, but still jerks.
Got it.


I’m not a fan of the death penalty either personally, but if there was ever an appropriate time to implement it, I would think it would be for acts of terrorism.


And you’d be okay in the reverse situation, if an Israeli was captured and found to have committed war crimes?

I only mention it because you might have an unequalled opportunity to find out if this goes through.


Yep, … because creating more martyrs for them to deify and revenge for is just what this recipe needs to calm it down and eventually end it.

It’s exactly what their movement needs, craves and thrives on, … so you’d only do that, if you want it to continue and even escalate.

Wonder who on Earth could want that? :thinking:


You’re right, because the current system is working so well.


It’s working very well for those that profit from Wars and arms manufacture.


To be honest, I think both sides are c##ts.
Untrustworthy c##ts.
Unfortunately I don’t see either side ever changing.
I assume sometime in the future Israel will take the rest of the Palestinian land, the Palestinians will go full tilt terrorist, and no one will win anything.
Just a never ending cycle of c##tishness.


I’m pro death penalty but it isn’t going to solve anything over there. Both sides are as bad as each other and I doubt we see a peaceful resolution in my time.


Strange because I believe we will see one, it just won’t last longer than about 3-4 years then it will blow up again.


Both sides are as bad as each other? :rofl:

I don’t think Palestinians have tactical snipers shooting at farmers, medical officers just for ■■■■■ and giggles

Wash your mouths out.


Maybe, but they do have children with guns and women with bombs wrapped around their chests.


But they do have people who slit the throats of innocent children, their own and their enemies.


That is utter bullshit!

The Israeli army is the most moral army there is.