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Could damage chances in upcoming election?


Or improve them.

He’s a mate of Trump’s


Apartheid regime.


We always suspected this was his position. You can’t draw any other conclusion from his actions towards his Arab population.

The one good thing about the ‘Trump’ era of politics is that morons are no longer reluctant to express themselves.


That’s been obvious to anyone with the critical thinking skills of a 5 year old.


Was in the West Bank 3 weeks ago and it appeared perfectly safe but kept reading of arrests and deaths, obviously not in Bethlehem and Jericho, and the brunt of the violence seemed be directed at Palestinians - and the media we were receiving was Israeli based but you read between the lines. So news of the air attack on Gaza after a missile landed in Tel Aviv was presented as an isolated incident but as an ignorant bystander I can tell you Israel seemed seriously gunned up with the elections imminent. News of the attack was as inevitable as the boat people scare campaign we’re about to cop.


From what I’ve been hearing the whole Wag the Dog business happens on both sides of the wall. Apparently there’d been significant demonstrations against Hamas among the Palestinians in the occupied territories recently. Mostly over tax & other internal Palestinian matters, Fatah starting to get a bit of leverage/popularity back. So what happens? Hamas sends a massive missile over into Israeli territory, kills a bunch of civilians, then all of a sudden Israel is retaliating in kind, and so every so conveniently Hamas’s incompetence is replaced on the front pages by the latest violence. Bit like how on the Israeli side, Netanyahu’s corruption gets put on the media back burner as well.

Civilians on both sides are just cannon fodder for the media stunts of murderous garbage leaders on both sides. Depressing as hell.


Nothing apparent about it, Amnesty International went to town on them.


My understanding is the missile from Gaza killed no-one but lead to 7 non serious injuries https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-47689684. I do know that prior to this there had been numerous arrests in the occupied territories and several deaths in the days I was in Israel, most of them Palestinian and probably none of them reported here, but widely reported in Israel, often with the term “terrorist” attached. I also know I have never seen so many semi automatics and so much military presence in my life, and I’ve traveled a bit.
I didn’t get the impression it was a fair fight. Can’t help wondering why the deaths and arrests of Palestinians didn’t seem to gain traction in the world media. And I’m also willing to go out on a limb and say certain Israeli politicians were pleased with these developments, you might almost say they engineered them. You wouldn’t, I would.


I have been visiting Israel for nearly 40 years and go there now at least twice a year.

It is far less “gunned up” today than it has been for a very long time, understanding that all Israelis are military trained and have weapons.




Geez. How naive, and what an obfuscation of the truth.
There are many, many countries with an official religion. Such as ALL the countries surrounding Israel.

The term “State of all its citizens” is a term used within Israel by globalists and anti-religion types as part of an internal argument against Israel being the 1 and only homeland of the Jewish people.

Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, with full religious practicing rights for all its citizens. In fact it has full rights for all its citizens full stop (with a bunch of despicable racists on both sides - Australia is not immune to this). Something that cannot be said of any of Israel’s neighbours.

Calling Israel an Apartheid regime based on the regional conflict it faces on a daily basis, and its struggle to balance its precarious security situation with protecting the rights of its neighbours, is disingenuous at best and flat out racist at worst.

Within what is called, the “green line”, saying there is Apartheid is just dumb.


England has an established church, but if its PM were to say that it is a State only for Anglican people, there would be an outcry
It was pretty damn inflammatory of Net to say that - leaving aside legal rights, it implies that non Jews are second class citizens at the political level.
Israel is regarded as a democratic state, almost unique in the Middle East . Any judgments on its behaviour to minorities should be made against the standard of other democracies, including in regard to migration policies.
As I understand it, Jews from anywhere have a right to residence/citizenship in Israel. What is required of a non Jewish Arab to acquire Israeli residence/ citizenship, including under family reunion? ( genuine question)


He didn’t say anything like its only for Jewish people. He said it’s the homeland of the Jewish people. That’s a completely different thing. I speak Hebrew.
The right of return law intends to ensure that there is one country in the world where jews are always welcome and safe. After the holocaust and the rejection of Jewish refugee boats, even in British mandate Palestine, I think we can pay em that free kick.
Non Jewish people can gain citizenship under family reunification lawa, although there is a temporary halt on this for people from the disputed territories and Gaza for men under 35 I believe.


So you reckon this was just a translation error, or the Media is trying to screw Israel over again.


I am an open Israeli supporter…but even I knew what he meant by that statement in it’s pure form not edited by the media.


A few basic truths:

  • Israel is the lone democracy in the Middle East that allows all to practice their religion freely.

  • All living in Israel have equal rights. Arabs occupy senior positions on the Israeli police force, the Knesset and the Israeli judiciary.

  • Israeli Arabs have their own political parties in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Some are outspoken critics of the government.

  • Arabs and Israelis receive the same treatment in hospitals.

  • Arabs make up 20% of Israel’s population and are integrated into Israeli society.

  • Arabs in Israel have more fundamental rights than in many places in the Middle East. For example, an Arab can be openly gay without fear of government persecution. Arabs have the right to move freely, vote, obtain an education, work in prominent positions, receive world-class health care, own land and speak freely.

Now, ask yourself what a potential future Palestinian state would look like. Abbas, the so called “moderate” had this to say a few years ago: "In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli - civilian or soldier - on our lands”


Just for clarification :
Is there a distinction in Hebrew between State and Homeland?
And did he use the term “only”, and if so was it before or after the term State/Homeland?