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How ironic Jews are safer here than in Israel.

Looks like nothing will change. Netanyahu appears to have been returned.

What was surprising was the ridiculously low turn out by Palestinian Arabs.

Another day another mass killing of Palestinians and this barely registers a mention in traditional media.

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It’s all over the media and I see you didn’t reference that Hamas started this and have also killed Israelis.

That’s because four Palestinian protesters were killed in Gaza by Israel on Friday BEFORE rocket fire out of Gaza.

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The latest round of violence began two days ago when an Islamic Jihad sniper fired at Israeli troops, wounding two soldiers, according to the Israeli military.

That is what started it.

Yes the Israeli military whose snipers shot 6,000 Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza last year alone. Forgive me for not believing a word they say.

The killing of the four Palestinians preceded the projectile fire from what I read.

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Reckon you should try and see things from both sides.

Hamas sent 300 rockets into Israel who responded in their normal heavy handed way. 300 rockets was a planned attack.

There are no good people or nice guys in any of this and the innocent on both sides suffer.


Seriously! If someone lobbed 300 rockets into Victoria would we be worried about ‘heavy handed’ or measured? we would be saying bomb the ■■■■■ out of them.

Only if it was NSW, but then I think we should pre-emptively strike them anyway. If not them can we at least bomb the crap out of Canberra?*

*to the Aussie spies, that is a joke, not serious, don’t put me in jail.

Carpet nuclear bombing of Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be the greatest of tradegies.

I though the whole thing started when someone did something to somebody about 2000 years ago? Been going ever since in various incarnations.

You should have a long hard think about that, then smack yourself in the head and ban yourself for a month.

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Hasn’t anyone worked out how to run cars on radioactive petrol?

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That kid looks like a trouble maker.

Has a rocket hidden in his nappy

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Things are getting a little tense in the Straits of Hormuz. Take it easy, fellas.

Iran: we are going to screw over America and make issues for them with oil access

Oil tankers hit in mysterious attack, they belong and are linked to Saudi interests who supply America.

Iran: oh that’s terrible, someone needs to stop that. I wonder who did it?