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Those poor Saudis are such good regional citizens…


I agree, wasn’t my point though



Iran has been 100% in compliance with the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S has recently pulled out and their belligerence towards Iran is reaching levels beyond belief. When you have guys like John “bomb 'em all” Bolton as the head of Nat Security, who the ■■■■ do you think is being the antagonist?


That is how I see it as well.

My business is prevented from selling our product to Iran although we get Irani Companies contacting us regularly.

USA is a really farked regime.


Is that under Australia’s sanctions regime for Iran or due to a US connection?


It is actually both. I could export to Iran through Mates in Malaysia, but I would get a visit from the AFP and never get any Government support again.

And the US Government would effectively ban me from exporting to USA and make it tough for my Texan partners.


You might also get extradited to the US if you sell to Iran through a Malaysian company. An Iranian woman is in jail in Adelaide, fighting a US extradition request , for selling US dual use technology to Iran via a Malaysian company.
Seems Malaysia is not part of the Wassenaar information sharing scheme on such products.


Israel to hold unprecedented second election as Netanyahu fails to form coalition


Came within a bees ■■■■ of a air strike on Iran today.


Yep, wonder what caused Trump to change his mind.


Seemingly there are a few rational people left in the White House that have enough clout to stop even Donny Dic.khead from doing something truly dumb.


Iran launching SAM’s into once of the busiest airspace’s in the world won’t gain them too many friends.


Nor will any threat that stops shipping through the Strait of Hormuz given that is where the majority of the worlds oil comes through. Strategically is so simple to shutdown it’s ridiculous. At it’s narrowest point you are only 36km’s wide, which is within easy reach of just about every anti-ship missile in the world, and particularly with those the Iranians are believed to favour, as well as much of it being within gun range as well for the larger ones out there.


Most of the long haul flights have been rerouted but a US strike could have taken down a few passenger aircraft,
US did that once before in the Gulf


Yeah, but the Vincennes incident was simply a monumental fark up rather than a deliberate act.


Lol sure it was.

The U.S Government are the biggest pack of farking liars/propagandists on the planet and especially when it comes to Iran.

That flight was on a normal commercial air route over Iranian waters.


Yep. and Don Dump the worst fkn liar to ever occupy the WH on top of that norm.

I don’t believe for a second they were seconds/fkn minutes or whatever away from launching anything, … except more bullshit .


The read of the media here is they are very hawkish.

Fire up that war machine. It should be celebrated he didn’t hit the trigger, the fact he spelt it out on twitter is stooopid


When it comes to U.S imperialism / colonialism, the U.S media are for every war and U.S aggression, unquestioningly.

Trump needs to kick Bolton the ■■■■ out of his administration quick smart. He’s the maniac that’s behind all this ■■■■.


I think you misunderstand what I wrote. This was a monumental fark up by the CO of the ship and his crew, but it was not a state sanctioned event.