Midfield Woes: Instant fix


Fk me some of you are seriously underrating gaff. I hate the eagles more than anyone but he’s a seriously good player, he’s their most damaging player imo. To call him a younger stanton, is ridiculous. He’s by far a superior player to stanton


What defines a match winner? If you’re asking if gaff is a match winner then is Zerrett a match winner?


38 Brownlow votes in the last 2 years should answer your question


Maybe not in the traditional sense, but how many times have we been burned by a bloke who just seems to constantly be out on his own?

I reckon we could do with one of those.


If Gaff is available for our first, we’d be fools not to jump at that.

And getting him increases your chances of getting other players, now and into the future.


He’s an accumulator who doesn’t posses any great weapons with his disposal.
Zerrett will carve u up with his kicking which is evident in his meters gained.

We need a midfield bull (wines, Cripps like), not some Stanton clone flapping his arms running up and down the wings


Woewoedin won a Brownlow


Gaff has a great kick.


Anyone who trying to talk him down doesn’t watch enough footy.

Think about how important Brad Hill can be as outside link man. Gaff is a stronger body/better at winning contested footy whilst also racking up 30+ at will.

A crux of our side is an inability to spread from contest, provide options etc.

He gets tagged a lot because he is so damaging.

Would be immense for our team. Colyers 7-15 possession games and scratchy disposal at that as an outside mid isn’t cutting it.


You miss the point of AN’s post - He is referring to drafted players at the age of the 18 and who were well performed in year 2 - Your examples add little to the discussion - Ambrose was a mature aged player and hardly set the world on fire in his second year,Baguley was 26 in year 2, JD only showed glimpses as expected in year 2 and Hooker was still struggling in year 2


Cool your jets, weagle-luva


If that was his point he should have said well performed, he said regular seniors. Joe played 21 games and Hooker played the last 16 games of he season. That’s regular seniors. Many good players aren’t regulars in senior teams in their first two years for sure, but more are.


Are you aware that he has a higher disposal efficiency than Zerrett this year? Are you also aware that he is the most targeted player for them because of the damage he does if he is allowed to roam on his own? Dane Swan produces 5000 odd meters per game but still cannot carve butter to save his life. Just look at Robert Shaws preview of Ess v WCE earlier in the year about how important Gaff is. I agree with you we need inside mids but an opportunity to add an elite wingmen at 25 to replace our current wingmen who is basically Colyer…why not?


You are doing it wrong.

It’s Josh Kelly or its full Carlisle “this club is farked”


I think he’s played in better sides than Stanton which has meant he hasn’t drawn the same level of attention but when he is tagged he disappears. He is quicker and maybe slightly more polished but I reckon their core attributes are pretty similar.


We’ll fix that


Do I need to say it again?

Paul Connors.


Enemies become friends?


But put him in an Essendon jumper and he’ll be the second coming of Courtney Johns!


Move along… nothing to see here.