Midfield Woes: Instant fix


Can you please provide examples.

I keep hearing this. But I don’t see any substance to it. At all. Be burns of his opponents by wearing them down.

He also was West Coast best player in the 2015 Grand Final which automatically elevates him 30% in my eyes.


Just conners trying to re-negotiate a contract halfway through.


Colyer completely took him out of the game for a half against us before the game was beyond reach and he got a lot of cheapies in the last.

Greenwood held him 16. Pretty sure gws tagged him to.

I haven’t watched enough WC this year but I’ll be pleased if anyone can throw up a few examples of him breaking hard tags.


Has had 4 games under 20 possessions the last 3 years.

Sometimes players get beaten
Sometimes players arent 100% fit
Sometimes players play with a virus

I don’t think Andrew Gaff is any more or less susceptible to a tag than 99% of other players in the comp.

If a player is shutdown 3-4 games in a row the maybe it’s an issue. But nothing to see here…


He’s not untaggable, but he is a much much better midfielder than he was about 3 years ago.

We would be crazy mot to offee our first pick for him. It will go along the same route as hawks did to get burgoyne.


Bring in Gaff and Rockliff and that’s the 2018 flag sorted and wrapped up


Is rockliff a FA? Doubt he will be leaving lions this year. He wanted out last year but no one wanted him, now that the lions are more settled and have a decent team coming through, he’ll probably stay


Yeh, unrestricted free agent I believe


He wanted 700k last year and no one went for it, wonder if he will get that this year


Gaff and Rockliff IN well then they needn’t bother playing the whole season, just hand the farken flag over to us


Gaff AND rockliff fix our problems and both in the right age group.

Can’t see us landing one of them let alone both


I’d give Rockliff 700 in a heartbeat if he said he’ll come.


I’d give him $800K as a sincere apology for not taking him up on the offer of $700K last year.


Oh agree, all I said was I don’t think he was an absolute superstar


Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a very good player an an upgrade on Stanton, who I rated very very highly. I also think he’d complement our midfield very well.

I just don’t want to see him paid more than say 650 700. He’s not a million dollar a year player


Rockliff will stay at the Lions. Gaff may leave.


100% concur


I need a lover that wont drive me crazy.


Interesting to reflect on this post as we near the end of the season


We should be right in Rockliffe’s ear